The WHO says it is updating its guidelines to help member countries adopt new legislation to curb high sugar intake.
There is a constant tug-of-war between doing what you think is right, and doing what you think other parents believe is right.
We are living in a fast-paced society. As humans, we want things now and we want everything to be convenient.
Brand new dog safety programme being offered at local schools
How to raise good sportspeople, and ensure they play THE GAME well.
As much as it is in your home, being a nanny is still a job and should be treated like one

Pre-Schooler Dignity can eat my shorts.

I swear, it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing flip flops, high heels or running shoes when your kid runs towards danger, you run like the wind is chasing you.

Primary Schooler Eczema is not just skin deep

Eczema affects so much more than just the skin.

Are our schools doing enough to include single and gay parents?

We need to raise a school generation that is inclusive of all family dynamics.

‘Mommy, my brain won’t listen to me’

What we don’t know about the child with ADHD

The benefits of yoga as a form of reducing stress in the family

Should yoga be a part of our daily routine?

Toddler When something so ‘insignificant’ causes war in the house

When your children find the smallest things to have tantrums about

Does it help when I spank my child?

Are we raising children that are genuinely respectful and polite?

Baby Siphesihle: The miracle baby that lived

Tshego Seane gave birth 8 weeks early to a baby girl who was not breathing and the doctor told her that her new baby was not going to make it.

Children fighting cancer are given hope

New revelations are helping to empower children fighting cancer

Are we raising racist children?

Our “avoidance ” of this topic is doing more harm than good.

The need for nature in our skincare products

The natural movement and great parabens debate

Pre-Schooler 8 reasons why two- to four-year-olds are the worst

These are known as “The Arsehole Years” but maybe toddlers are just misunderstood.

Pre-Schooler Being active even at age three will boost your heart for life

Doing more intense physical activity also appeared to bring bigger benefits.

Excuse my language

We need to harness the SA identity, and language can help us achieve this




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