In a world that has become obsessed with likes and followers, is your child’s strong enough to handle the psychological effects of social media.¬†
As the world continues to learn about this virus, new research has come to light.
Now that hairdressers and barbers are opening on advanced Level 3, here’s how you make the visit safer.

Being a parent The guidelines for children wearing masks

What exactly is best practice when it comes to the wearing of facemasks for children?

Our Kids TikTok safety tips for teens and parents

Teens are on their phones a lot more, and security isa big concern for many parents. Here are 5 tips to ensure that teens are safe on TikTok

Our Kids Here’s a checklist for assessing your child’s scholar transport

Look out for these things to ensure that they are adhering to Covid-19 safety regulations.

Being a parent Check here to confirm dates for when your child’s grade will return to school

This guide includes dates for schools catering to children with learning disabilities.

Our Kids South African Paediatric Association says children should go back to school

The association has shared its support and the reasons behind it in a detailed media statement.

Being a parent GUIDE: Tips to Covid-proof your kids for back-to-school

These tips may help as kids head to school on 1 June.

Our Kids #SALOCKDOWN: Schools prep for back to school

With June 1 fast approaching, schools all over SA are prepping for back to school.

Being a parent What South Africa can learn about the reopening of schools around the world

Here’s how countries around the world have approached the issue of getting back to school.

Our Kids GUIDE: How parents can check readiness of schools

Here’s what parents should look out for during their school visit.

Our Kids #Saveourchildren movement gains momentum

A group of concerned parents and allies opposed to the planned reopening of schools in S.A. for the 2020 academic year have started a Facebook group to gain support against the reopening of school.

Being a parent Can blending online learning with traditional schooling be the way forward?

These SA schools are taking a leap forward in trying to solve and reframe education for the new normal.

Our Kids France forced to re-close schools as coronavirus flare ups occur

Schools in France opened with a restriction of 15 children per class.

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