If you are wondering why your child keeps losing things at school, our foundation phase teacher may have the answers.
Two years later than he should’ve started school Wandile finally started school this year.
Study shows a tendency to learn more easily from people who do not make mistakes.
Here are some of the main points which will be discussed when the department of basic education meets stakeholders this week.
Firstly, teachers’ most fundamental needs must be addressed.

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Forget Baby Shark, Old Town Road is the song of the year for these preschoolers.

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With Olympic swimming legend and CEO of The Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation South Africa, Ryk Neethling.

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I’ve been pondering this question for a while now. I suspect that, as my kids get older, they might not always want to tell me what’s in their hearts.

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Reading for pleasure helps kids in a number of ways.

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End-of-year-report-time can make both parents and children anxious. Here are some tips to deal with receiving a ‘bad’ report card.

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Kids should be eating fruits and vegetables from all colours of the rainbow.

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‘PAW Patrol’ will make its South African debut in April 2020.

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