Introducing technology into the classroom is important, but teachers need proper support.
Big worries can feel scary and confusing. Sometimes a little worry can feel like a big one too.
Luke’s parents gave him a cell phone last year for his 10th birthday. Since then, the amount of time he spends playing video games on and off his phone has increased.
The research around the benefits and risks of mobile phone use in classrooms is mixed.
The world was reeling in the aftermath of the horrific shootings in Christchurch. The attack has also raised a number of side issues, including the ethics of broadcasting the live stream of the attack, which was later shared on other platforms.
The relationship might be over but the parenting isn’t.

How to co-parent after divorce

Some level of communication between ex-partners is needed when parenting together.

How to tell your child you’re getting divorced

What you tell your children about your impending divorce should depend on their age.

Watch: Ndlovu Youth Choir make it to LIVE rounds with Waka Waka!!!

The Ndlovu Youth Choir have become a global sensation… and have just made it to the LIVE rounds of America’s Got Talent with their inspiring take on “Waka Waka”!

How will my divorce affect my kids?

Conflict, and not the separation itself, is a greater predictor of how children will fare post-divorce.

Matrics: a past paper a week keeps your finals results on fleek

The moment of truth has arrived for this year’s Grade 12s.

Nearly 30% of kids experience sibling bullying – as either bully or victim

Bullying among siblings isn’t the same as teasing and occasional sibling spats

Group punishment doesn’t fix behaviour – it just makes kids hate school

Teachers still sometimes punish a whole class for the behaviour of one student.

High Court judgment still leaves donor-conceived families in limbo about who is a legal parent

This decision opens up any number of possibilities. It will be important for families and donors to be aware of the legal risks early contact may involve.

Parenting practices around the world are diverse and not all about attachment

Most parents would agree that parenting is extremely complex and challenging. What works for one child, might not work for another – even within the same family.

Baby Archie’s christening is just too beautiful

Meghan and Harry have released official photos of their son’s christening.

Just launched: First SA sign language teacher training programme

A first for South Africa, Embury are now training teachers and assistants in the skill of sign language, filling a gap in the education system.

Science proves not all screen time is bad for kids

World’s first prescription video game, that may assist to improve symptoms of ADHD, is set to be approved by the end of 2019.

Watch: South African students inspire the nation with incredible war cry!

Students from St Stithians College in Bryanston are inspiring the nation with their incredible song.

South African doctor opens practice where you pay what you can afford!

Dr. Paulo de Valdoleiros, who only graduated at 51-years-old, has just opened a practice where patients pay what they can afford!




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