The “I have a name” photographer encouraged the public to support Rare Bears project to boost sales before the festive season… and it worked!
If you’re travelling with youngsters, you’ll be grateful for toys and games that keep them busy.
The future of water in this country is not looking good, and it will be our children who will suffer most due to water-poverty.
The AAP recommends that children younger than 18 months avoid using any screens, except for video-chatting.
This father hands down wins dad of the year!
A mother in Nashville, TN, wrote about how exhausting it can be trying to follow all the rules and be the perfect mother.

This South African man is helping women who have suffered gravely to safety!

Doctors without Borders set up a programme in Rustenburg to help sexual assault survivors get the medical care they need, and this South African drives these women to safety, helping them in their time of need, and restoring trust.

Read: A father has accused moms who breastfeed of being child molesters

A father took to Facebook last week with a comment that has struck a discordant note with many parents.

Kids who drink more water appear to be better at multitasking, finds new study

The researchers measured the children’s urinary hydration and cognitive performance at the start of the study and after the four days.

How to establish good communication with your child’s school

How to establish good communication with your child’s school

Thanking teachers lets them know that you respect and appreciate what they do and how they do it.

6 apps to get kids into the Halloween spirit

Get your kids into the Halloween spirit with some of these smartphone apps.

Spotify launches standalone app specially made for kids

Without any ads on the app, kids are free to navigate it on their own.

South Africans are writing letters to new Preemie moms to offer support and encouragement

November is World Prematurity Month, and Embrace is asking people to write letters of support to new mothers with prem babies.

Can a hormonal I.U.D. cause hair loss?

Can a hormonal I.U.D. cause hair loss?

If no cause for a woman’s hair loss can be identified by a primary care provider or gynaecologist, the next step should be to see a board-certified dermatologist.

Help your child succeed at school: Value goals over grades

Help your child succeed at school: Value goals over grades

A few years ago, one of my sons’ goals was to make a few new friends, a goal that was both challenging and important to him.

Three children’s gyms that make fitness fun

Three children’s gyms that make fitness fun

We don’t expect our kids to do push-ups and burpees, but it is very important for them to be able to carry and lift their own body weight.

The church has no right to regulate women’s bodies

Why are the laws around abortion being so heavily influenced by religion?

Young moms more likely to have a child with ADHD, study finds

‘ADHD is treatable, but early diagnosis and interventions are key to a successful outcome.’

Doctor suspended in Portugal after baby born without a face

The baby is still at the paediatric wing of the hospital where he was born.  

95% of baby foods contain toxic metals

Nonprofit Healthy Babies Bright Futures conducted a study that tested 168 baby food products for arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury. The results were shocking.




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