Raising awareness about these cancers and how to prevent them can help reduce their incidence, illness and mortality rates.
What’s the best way to raise your child? It’s a question that has provoked the publication of numerous books, and seen authors race to coin the next quirky name for a new style of parenting.
Children are living at home for longer, so parents have more time to be overly protective of them.
Mothers iron their daughters’ breasts as a way of preventing early marriage and keeping their daughters in school for longer.
Date set to register online for school applications, what else do you need to know?
Felix Klein, Germany’s commissioner for anti-semitism, says he is ‘extremely alarmed’ by the sharp rise.

Parenty Honouring Tiny The Mighty’s legacy by inspiring hope

A South African mom recently lost her child “Tiny the Mighty”, but this mom has also put all her focus and energy into honouring her son by inspiring hope.

South Africa Checkers has launched its new collectables campaign

If your kids are anything like mine, then collecting tiny little collectables is always a major hit!

South Africa Gauteng online registrations postponed

The Gauteng Department of Education has postponed the opening of the Online Admissions Applications from 13 May 2019 to 20 May 2019.

The World Anti-vaxxers are wrong but ridicule is no way to win them over

Scientific facts alone won’t convince skeptics. We all embrace beliefs that to others are absurd

The World Leeds uses Henry parenting program to lower childhood obesity rate

Leeds has become the first city in the UK to report a drop in childhood obesity after introducing a program to help parents set boundaries for their children and say no to sweets and junk food.

The World WATCH: German supermarket chain under fire for ‘sexist’ video

German supermarket chain Edeka faced a wave of social media indignation Wednesday over a Mother’s Day online video clip ridiculing fathers’ parenting skills, with both men and women calling the film ‘sexist’.

South Africa Run baby, run!

Imagine the possibility of taking a sneak peak through the looking glass of your little girl’s future… not to see what she might become, what career path she may choose to follow, or who she may choose to love and share life with… but to anticipate some of the struggles and challenges she will face, some of the criticism she will endure, some of the opposition she will confront.

South Africa Play-play voting at Joburg primary school

As part of the History syllabus, with the aim of teaching children about how South Africa is governed and to get learners engaged and excited by the power of democracy.

South Africa Why we should talk to our children about voting, X’sê!

As parents there are many topics we just never discuss with our children, especially when they’re younger. Perhaps because we think they’re not ready for it, or that they wouldn’t understand it; perhaps because we just don’t have the energy to explain, or to face all the awkward questions that may follow.

The World Child raising vs parenting

“There is child raising and there is “parenting.” America replaced the former with the latter in the 1970s and it’s been downhill ever since”

South Africa Why, as a parent, I am voting on the 8th of May

As a parent I have been through too much as a country not to vote. I regard my mother as a rock star. The memories I have of her exude energy and passion. She was very political in her youth as she grew up under the apartheid system. She would always share stories with me of how she almost crossed the border going into exile.

Parenty Is my child’s teacher depressed?

Violence in schools and depression among teachers are some of the reasons for the high level of absenteeism, a union official says.

South Africa How safe are our children?

When we leave our children in the care of a service, that we have paid for, surely we should be able to rely on their sound judgement?

Parenty Employee and mom in the US sues KFC and wins $1.5m

Lampkins claimed the KFC outlet gave her a hard time for wanting (and let’s face it, needing) to pump breast milk during her working hours.




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