Not even the professionals can give you a definitive answer, they can only give you their best guess.
If you don’t have “The Talk” early with your child, they will hear it from someone else, and might not be what you want them to hear.
Who in their right mind would sign up for this?
All mothers have been shamed or judged at some point during their journey of raising children. Why do we do this to each other?
The fight against postpartum can be life or death, the feelings are powerful and real.
Either your mom job or your day job is going to suffer.

Parenty 7 questions I have about having a second child

Having a second child is a big decision, with lots of factors to consider and I have questions.

Parenty How, through loss, motherhood changed my life

That is the thing about life. It allows us to go through the darkest of experiences to discover our light. It took me losing my mother and becoming one to understand the true value of it

Momming For the NOT so skinny mom

We all have, what I like to call “vulnerability zones”, areas of our lives that we are hesitant to talk about – or write about. Well, this post walks straight into the middle of one such “vulnerability zone” for me!

Primary Schooler School 101 for the busy mom

School is a nightmare for a busy mom, Claudi Potter, tells us her top 10 tips for surviving the admin and bustle of school.

Momming Why I deem the law on maternity leave unfair

It is unrealistic for the law to expect mothers to take their full maternity leave without a salary.

Parenty Have I gone mental? Like mother mental?

It’s been almost 7 years since I’ve slept through the night… So, if my maths is correct, the equation looks something like this: 7yrs of approx. 3hrs sleep/night (on average) = INSANITY! Feel free to double-check my maths, but I think that formula is pretty solid.

Parenty Sometimes I think parents need to lean back, not in

Consciously parenting is knowing when to lean back and when to lean in. How can a parent know when to do what?

The World From tiger to free-range parents – what research says about pros and cons of popular parenting styles

What’s the best way to raise your child? It’s a question that has provoked the publication of numerous books, and seen authors race to coin the next quirky name for a new style of parenting.

Parenty Building a better child

You as a parent want only the best for your child. And the best might not necessarily mean the most expensive, but rather that you will not tolerate a poor level of training, especially in your child’s developmental years

Parenty 5 things I wish I had believed before becoming a mom

Everything truly fell apart once we got home and the weight of responsibility for this barely 2kg wrinkly alien being, who relied on us, completely hit home. What I wish someone had told me about the reality of the first 16 weeks of motherhood.

The World Too much love: helicopter parents could be raising anxious, narcissistic children

Children are living at home for longer, so parents have more time to be overly protective of them.

Our Little Humans The schedule of a new mom

A lot of moms kept giving me advice about how being a mother does not come with a handbook.

Momming Today I wished I wasn’t a parent

Today, for just a moment, as I watched the chaos unfold around me, for one single minute … I wished I wasn’t a parent.

Parenty What does ‘spoil her this Mother’s Day’ even mean?

This day has become a sham, a day for brands to profit, kids (and fathers) to get out of really putting any effort or thought into it, moms to feel obliged to be thankful and grateful for the day and her “spoils”.




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