This week on The Great Equalizer, Sam scars her child forever, Charlene is feeling surprisingly in control of her life PLUS! Parenty editors Leigh Tayler and Jacqui Bester are IN THE HOUSE to chat perfect(ish) parenting.
What should we be teaching our boys?
With the recent outcry for justice and the long-awaited change needed within our country, I was left feeling deeply distressed as a woman and a first-time single mama, raising my little boy in this big world.
Global Warming, IPCC, Mass Extinction Events, Carbon Emissions, Water Safety, Greenhouse Gasses, Food Safety, Acid Oceans, Extreme Weather Events, these are all terrifying and complex things for most adults, how do we begin to explain them to our children?
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that marriages are under constant threat of breakdown.
Pumping milk at the office has its challenges, but here a mom shares her experiences, and says she wouldn’t want it any other way.
Either your mom job or your day job is going to suffer.

How to recycle like a boss!

Future generations also deserve to exist in a healthy environment that can help them flourish, not make them ill.

How to grow your child’s potential through building their confidence

How confident are your children? Does their confidence vary in different situations? Parenty’s resident parenting expert, explains the importance of parents building their children’s awareness of confidence and a conscious effort to develop it daily will determine their potential.

The Great Equalizer Podcast – #spanking

Do you think the Constitutional Court would have a problem with us gently – lovingly – taping our kids to the wall? No? Okay!

Geocaching – an outdoor family activity

In this day and age, while technology rules the roost, getting our kids outdoors can be difficult.

Photographer captures parenting in all its messy glory

With a little over three weeks, until entries for Parenty’s Photography Competition close, we wanted to give you all a healthy dose of inspiration.

Why you shouldn’t stress too much about developmental milestones

Children are individuals, individuals are different, and different isn’t abnormal

Read Bailey Schneider’s message to all South African moms

My body isn’t what I see in all the magazines.

Why child attachment is OK

Attachment parenting is quite a controversy in the parenting circles and as a parent, I can understand why. I’ve learned that parenting is about instinct and mostly winging it. There is no rule book, Only a million parenting opinions.

6 ways to host a stress free party

Wow, what a busy couple of months we have had. As nature would have it our kids are born in November, January, 2 in March and one in May. Sometimes it feels like I’m planning parties non-stop for 6 months of the year!

Today I wished I wasn’t a parent

Today, for just a moment, as I watched the chaos unfold around me, for one single minute … I wished I wasn’t a parent.

Moms, why are we so mean to each other?

Moms, why are we so mean to each other?

All mothers have been shamed or judged at some point during their journey of raising children. Why do we do this to each other?

The truth about breastfeeding

The truth about breastfeeding

The reason I have tried to breastfeed for as long as possible is that I believe in the amazing benefits of breastmilk, over and above just feeding and hydrating her. It really is miraculous stuff.

My mothering style is lazy AF

My mothering style is lazy AF

I will always be is lazy – I will always lean back and let my child explore, experiment, fail, succeed, grow her imagination and discover her own boundaries.

The motherLOAD

Nobody ever said that being a mother would be easy… In fact, if we each think back to our baby showers. I’m almost positive that some mothers had a little twinkle in their eye. They knew what was coming.




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