Attachment parenting is quite a controversy in the parenting circles and as a parent, I can understand why. I’ve learned that parenting is about instinct and mostly winging it. There is no rule book, Only a million parenting opinions.
Wow, what a busy couple of months we have had. As nature would have it our kids are born in November, January, 2 in March and one in May. Sometimes it feels like I’m planning parties non-stop for 6 months of the year!
Today, for just a moment, as I watched the chaos unfold around me, for one single minute … I wished I wasn’t a parent.
Our bodies, our health, our rights, our lives
Today is #May28, the International Day of Action for Women’s Health, it is an important day.
Villages are like so last century, but we need them to survive
“It takes a village to raise a child” is a well known saying, but does it have a place in the 21st century?
Moms, why are we so mean to each other?
All mothers have been shamed or judged at some point during their journey of raising children. Why do we do this to each other?
The truth about breastfeeding

Momming The truth about breastfeeding

The reason I have tried to breastfeed for as long as possible is that I believe in the amazing benefits of breastmilk, over and above just feeding and hydrating her. It really is miraculous stuff.

My mothering style is lazy AF

Momming My mothering style is lazy AF

I will always be is lazy – I will always lean back and let my child explore, experiment, fail, succeed, grow her imagination and discover her own boundaries.

Momming The motherLOAD

Nobody ever said that being a mother would be easy… In fact, if we each think back to our baby showers. I’m almost positive that some mothers had a little twinkle in their eye. They knew what was coming.

Adulting Giving your spouse your full acceptance

I have a suspicion that the average person learns about love and relationships from movies and songs.

Momming 20 positive phrases our children need to hear

How we speak to our children, becomes their inner voice… Our fears, anger and disappointments become theirs.

Momming OK, I will admit it, I lie to my children

Now, let me be clear, I am not advocating lying. Obviously lying is wrong! We were taught that as kids, and now we pass that lesson on to our children… But…

Adulting I’m a mama with a mental illness

That’s a scary thing to say and to admit.

Momming When motherhood becomes too much

You think to yourself. Where did it all go wrong?

Momming The Great Equalizer Podcast – Future proof your child

This week on The Great Equalizer, Sam relays her journey to being crowned Mom of the Year, Charlene survived the wedding (in case you were wondering) and we talk future-proofing your child with human potential and parenting expert Nikki Bush.

Momming Mom creates household jobs, makes her kids apply to get paid in allowance money

The jobs for the children were kitchen manager, laundry supervisor and lead housekeeper.

Adulting Male contraception

What we are sure of is that it takes two to tango and we must take equal accountability with regards to family planning.

Adulting The Great Equalizer Podcast – #enough

This week on the Great Equalizer, Sam flies solo at the end of #hellweek in South Africa. Luckily, postpartum doula and founder of The New Normal Genevieve Putter swoops in to relieve Sam from 60 minutes of monologuing.

Momming Imaginative play and how it can benefit your child

Our children need us to remind them that their own unique and imaginative play is something to be treasured.




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