The mind is a powerful thing. It can either aid you at doing very well or push you to lose all your self-esteem.
Would you survive not having a ‘screen time’ nanny?
Nobody ever said that being a mother would be easy… In fact, if we each think back to our baby showers. I’m almost positive that some mothers had a little twinkle in their eye. They knew what was coming.
When it all just gets too much, how do we survive? When the world around us seems to be crashing in? We can’t breathe, feel or move… How do we crawl out of that dark hole?
With the holidays around the corner, many of us will be hitting the road for some much needed R & R.
Did you know that having an expressing room and encouraging your breastfeeding mothers to express for 30 minutes, twice a day, can improve their productivity?

Loving Do not marry that woman!

There are a few red flags that point to the fact that someone should not marry their partner, this bridezilla gave us the perfect example of several of these red flags.

Connecting HEY! RU OK?! With a story from a mom who’s not okay

This week on The Great Equalizer, Sam finally watched Frozen and she has thoughts, Charlene ordered a new bed and things will be happening in it. PLUS! We ask YOU guys… HEY! Are you okay?

6 financial tips most women should consider

6 financial tips most women should consider

While it is common cause that women lag behind their male counterparts in wealth-building for a number of reasons, there are some significant steps they can take to ensure financial security.

Living Will our children live in a world without water?

The future of water in this country is not looking good, and it will be our children who will suffer most due to water-poverty.

Momming Watch: SA’s newest parenting YouTube Channel

Being pregnant, especially for the first time, can be quite a confusing time for people.

Momming Teaching our children the benefits of a positive argument

Can children benefit from watching or listening to their parents argue?

Momming 12 healthy eating strategies for the ‘lazy’ parent cook

Kath Megaw from Nutripaed tells us her secrets to keep it healthy even when you really do not feel like making an effort.

Adulting How arguing in front of your children can damage their emotional psyche

A child’s entire sense of belonging and security is carried out by their parents.

Momming WATCH: Kids react to Halloween snapchat filter

A few American parents found out just how far their children’s arachnophobia goes.

Momming Are you responsible if your child is a bully?

You received a phone call that your child just bullied or has been bullying someone. What now?

Momming Reward or punishment: finding the best match for your child’s personality

Does your child benefit from a time-out or other method of discipline?

Momming These 12 #parentingfails are pure Twitter gold

We have rounded up some of the best #parentingfails Twitter has to offer.

Adulting Woman ordered to pay cheating ex’s divorce fees; does so in the funniest way

A woman is being called a “genius” after she found a loophole in a divorce order she received from the judge, who signed off her divorce.

Adulting Four ways to overcome your parenting insecurities

There are so many things that we as people are insecure about. Our bodies, personalities, talents, relationships, the list is endless.




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