In this day and age, while technology rules the roost, getting our kids outdoors can be difficult.
As far as striking landscapes go, the rice terraces of Bali are an unmissable sight.
Its 55,000 inhabitants — of whom 17,000 reside in the capital Nuuk — are more than 90 percent Inuit, an indigenous group from Central Asia.
The programme has afforded 438,361 South Africans a chance the opportunity to enter national parks since its inception in 2006. 
Some also denounced the change as ‘unIslamic’ in a society that traditionally sees men as protectors of women.
5 outings for a wild child in Gauteng
If your kid is anything like mine, detaining them indoors is dangerous for all parties involved – here are some places to let the wild out.

Voodoo Lily a perfect pet-friendly corner cafe for the busy Joburger

Voodoo Lily takes pick-me-up to the next level.

South Africa in top 20 best places for tech-free, relaxing holidays

South Africa in top 20 best places for tech-free, relaxing holidays

Locations where data was unavailable and those that presented a travel risk based on government warnings were removed from the list.

Drinking coffee at night won’t keep you up – but tobacco and alcohol will

New research has revealed how habits such as drinking and smoking in the evening could affect our sleep that night.

The world’s best vineyards for 2019

The list ranges from small boutique wineries to ancient cellars, and goes beyond just wine.

9 dad-friendly things to do with your kids

A dad-friendly guide to what the hell are we doing with the kids this weekend?

Play golf like a beast and recover like a pro.

What are some strategic recovery tactics a golfer can add to his game plan that will set him apart from the rest?

Top family destinations in and around Johannesburg

Who doesn’t love a family-friendly spot, where parents can relax and children can run free?

7 tech free road trip hacks for children

A little ‘old fashioned’ play will do wonders for those hours spent in the car

Want to become a better person? Travelling more might be the answer

By acquiring knowledge of other places and people, travel can make us more peaceful in our interactions with others.

Not going away on holiday? Great Summer ‘staycation’ ideas right here!

When life gets too busy and traveling just seems like way too much effort! Why not create a “staycation” for the family?

Men’s beards filthier than dog fur – study

A new study says beards carry more harmful bacteria than dog fur.

Sustainable fishing still popular on Bistro Sixteen82’s winter menu

Everyone from the fisheries to the guests has been able to benefit over the past year.

Wake up, mommy, you are dreaming

At some point, I hope that the fantasy of parenthood that I retain will be replaced with the reality that I have come to know.

Family holidays are just the best, aren’t they?

Family holidays are both a dream and a nightmare, especially when it is with the broader family. The travel time, the close quarters, the differing parenting styles, the relationship dynamics…




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