As one mom on Facebook, so eloquently put it: “People say ‘well what did people do before vaccines/antibiotics/pasteurisation?’ as if that’s an argument for going natural. They died, Carol. A lot of people died.”
A new study says beards carry more harmful bacteria than dog fur.
2018 was not a great year for the world, maybe 2019 will be better, but not unless we as humans start to change our ways. And where better to start than the people raising the future generations of humans.
At some point, I hope that the fantasy of parenthood that I retain will be replaced with the reality that I have come to know.
Can we really, as parents, keep our children safe from harm, heart-ache, horror or hardship? I think there is too much in this world to guard against, therefore the best way to protect is to prepare.
Family holidays are both a dream and a nightmare, especially when it is with the broader family. The travel time, the close quarters, the differing parenting styles, the relationship dynamics…

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