When you don’t tackle this mayhem with your partner, mayhem will never exist in their world.
Our bodies, our health, our rights, our lives
Today is #May28, the International Day of Action for Women’s Health, it is an important day.
I have a suspicion that the average person learns about love and relationships from movies and songs.
What we are sure of is that it takes two to tango and we must take equal accountability with regards to family planning.
This week on the Great Equalizer, Sam flies solo at the end of #hellweek in South Africa. Luckily, postpartum doula and founder of The New Normal Genevieve Putter swoops in to relieve Sam from 60 minutes of monologuing.

The culture of Lobolo in the 21st Century

So what happens when a guy that earns R8 000 a month wants to marry you, but can’t afford it?

Grief & Gratitude

He feels responsible to keep her safe

Postpartum depression can affect dads – and their hormones may be to blame

New parenthood is hard, whether you are a man or a woman

Are fathers allowed to be depressed?

Children of fathers who show signs of depression in the year after birth have more than three times the rate of behavioural problems by the time they reach school – Mark Menzies

Know your rights and obligations as a single parent

According to the Mbalo Brief by Stats SA, 48% of South African children are being raised in single-parent families, with only 2% of these children being raised by singled dads. Leaving single moms holding the bag in 46% of the cases. So, what do single parents need to know if they are to safeguard themselves and […]

Cape Town mom becomes SA’s first female Audi master technician

Progress through excellence: South Africa’s first female Audi Master Technician!

Men’s beards filthier than dog fur – study

A new study says beards carry more harmful bacteria than dog fur.

It’s 2019 and Time’s Up on everything

2018 was not a great year for the world, maybe 2019 will be better, but not unless we as humans start to change our ways. And where better to start than the people raising the future generations of humans.

Can we ever really keep our kids safe?

Can we really, as parents, keep our children safe from harm, heart-ache, horror or hardship? I think there is too much in this world to guard against, therefore the best way to protect is to prepare.

Family holidays are just the best, aren’t they?

Family holidays are both a dream and a nightmare, especially when it is with the broader family. The travel time, the close quarters, the differing parenting styles, the relationship dynamics…

Why the law on maternity leave in SA is unfair

It is unrealistic for the law to expect mothers to take their full maternity leave without a salary.




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