Race can make adoption a complicated journey.
As South Africa commemorates youth month we are made aware of the number of racist attacks across the world.
“The Talk” in black communities is not just about the birds and the bees.
Babynames.com has published a list of names that are popular for racial injustice in America.
As Black Lives Matter protests grow across the US and the world, Jamie Foxx notes the importance of protesting alongside his children.
Teenagers have also added their voices to the protest against racism that is currently happening

Baby A look at birthing traditions from across the world

From burying the placenta to naming ceremonies, different customs across the globe observe child birth differently.

Being a parent WATCH: Dad’s teachable moment video illustrates why racism is learnt

This dad wanted to see if his son noticed the color of people’s skin.

Being a parent Teacher investigated for saying she’d ‘put her knee on the necks’ of those not doing homework

The teacher from Pinnacle college in Kyalami has now expressed remorse for saying this ‘silly thing’ during an online conference.

Being a parent Here are the resources you need to protect your child online

The Covid-19 lockdown has seen homeschooling become the norm, much to the distress of many parents.

Being a parent Black lives matter: Here’s how to talk to your kids about it

Kids are not immune to being affected by what’s going on around them.

Being a parent 5 questions parents need to ask themselves before going back to places of worship

Under alert level three, religious leaders will also be considered essential service workers.

Being a parent WATCH: YouTuber announces decision to ‘rehome’ baby she adopted from China back in 2017

Myka Stauffer and her husband say that their adoptive child had many health issues they were not made aware of.

Being a parent WATCH: Mitchells Plain family manufacturing 3D masks for community

This family is serving their community by 3D printing face masks to protect against the coronavirus.

Being a parent What about nannies in a time of the coronavirus?

‘I am so overwhelmed with the kids and still have to do my work remotely. So unfortunately my helper is still with us but because she lives close to our house… ‘

Being a parent Jonathan Jansen says Ramaphosa was not ‘speaking to the majority of SA’ on Sunday

The former vice-chancellor and rector wants government to be clearer on how are they helping the poorest in SA during school shutdowns, especially with how children will be fed.

Being a parent Does whispering a family member’s death to a child help them understand death?

Death in the black communities remains a taboo, but this does not help children’s ability to know and navigate death and grief

Being a parent How to have the race conversation with your kids

Kids are not colour blind. This is a lie parents tell themselves to avoid race conversations

Being a parent “Hair love” short film gets major love at Oscars 2020

Sweet animated film about a father learning how to do his daughter’s hair for the first time has stolen hearts

Parenty WATCH: School meeting about race and inclusion turns into argument

One father is under fire for verbally attacking a Latino dad at a school meeting.

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