The former vice-chancellor and rector wants government to be clearer on how are they helping the poorest in SA during school shutdowns, especially with how children will be fed.
Death in the black communities remains a taboo, but this does not help children’s ability to know and navigate death and grief
Kids are not colour blind. This is a lie parents tell themselves to avoid race conversations
Sweet animated film about a father learning how to do his daughter’s hair for the first time has stolen hearts
One father is under fire for verbally attacking a Latino dad at a school meeting.
The 18-year-old says he hoped his school would be open to learning about new cultures.

Being a parent Is my child speaking too much English?

Teaching our children indigenous languages is important for kids to form their identity.

Being a parent My Son’s Friends Use Slurs in Online Games. What Can I Do?

Teach your child about how harmful slurs are to people they are referring to.

Being a parent Should black hair be policed by schools in SA?

Some schools’ codes of conduct have been viewed as highly discriminatory against specific racial groups.




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