How are moms and dads in essential services putting measures in place to protect their families?
These are the emergency numbers your family needs to have on hand.
This is how this celeb mom had the coronavirus conversation with her daughter.
Dr Anchen Laubscher, medical director of the Netcare Group, says that birth services will go ahead at all Netcare hospitals but with restrictions.
Despite having to practice social-distancing, this family found a unique way to introduce their new baby to his grandfather.
Self-quarantine or isolating is not as easy as it sounds when you have a child.

Being a parent Questions parents are asking themselves in light of the lockdown

The president offered a very comprehensive speech last night, but it does not leave parents without questions.

Being a parent 5 things parents need to remember from the national lockdown address by Ramaphosa

At 8:00 in the evening, our president finally addressed us and had some big changes to enact.

Being a parent How to explain what a national lockdown means to your children

Tips to help children understand why they’ll be at home for the next 21 days.

Being a parent How to accept online deliveries safely during coronavirus quarantine

This is how you can ensure your family’s safety while accepting online deliveries during the coronavirus pandemic quarantine procedures.

Being a parent Gauteng government launches free study materials online platform

The education department has turned to online learning amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Being a parent What about nannies in a time of the coronavirus?

‘I am so overwhelmed with the kids and still have to do my work remotely. So unfortunately my helper is still with us but because she lives close to our house… ‘

Being a parent South African dad and daughter hand washing video is the cutest thing you’ll see today

This dad and daughter duo are educating the nation about hand hygiene.

Being a parent WATCH: Jada Pinkett Smith and family host coronavirus edition Red Table Talk

The hollywood family hosted a special edition Red Table Talk on the Coronavirus pandemic

Being a parent Ramaphosa empathises with parents and children as shutdown continues

The president spoke about the difficulties parents are facing.

Being a parent Bassie shares how her family is coping with coronavirus

The businesswoman urged moms to stay positive to get their children and families through this pandemic.

Being a parent Mom’s video teaching kids about the importance of hand washing goes viral

This viral science experiment teaches children why it is important to use soap to wash their hands.

Being a parent Second UK baby to contract the coronavirus is just 9 months old

Cassian’s parents laughed at first when they were given the results because they could not believe it.

Being a parent Bipolar disorder & schizophrenia: What parents should know about psychiatric conditions in teens

There are a number of mental health conditions that often may surface in adolescents, among others bipolar disorder and schizophrenia…

Being a parent Four pregnant women with coronavirus have given birth to healthy babies without the virus

Three of the women consented to testing their babies, but one refused




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