The hospital allegedly incinerated her placenta without consulting with her.
The confirmation that my son has autism and ADHD was worse than the speculation.
Let food be thy medicine.
Children will learn to like vegetables if they’re regularly exposed to them from a young age.
In our biweekly Q and A with Dr Dulcy, she answers your questions on all matters relating to health. Here she talks vaccinations.
Researchers concluded that setting healthy lifestyle habits during childhood are important for good health during adulthood.

New study finds smoking while pregnant increases the risk of gestational diabetes

Women who cut down still had a 22 percent higher risk of gestational diabetes

Meet Dr Dulcy! Parenty’s resident GP and health care professional

Parenty’s resident GP is here to answer your health questions every second week.

Groundbreaking research finds Dyslexia could be medically treatable

Safe inner-ear enhancing medications and nutrients could be the answer.




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