Our Facebook audience weighs in on whether or not baby showers should be kept exclusive to firstborns.
Her beautiful bump is gracing the cover of Women’s Health magazine.
This month is pregnancy and baby loss awareness month.
Now that her little one has been born and is in good health, Modiadie is finally giving fans a glimpse into her pregnancy journey.
Termination is a difficult decision to make, but a service readily available for women.
“How do they even come out at the same time?” is a valid question from a woman that just found out she is having twins.

Becoming a Parent How to move forward after an unplanned pregnancy

An unplanned pregnancy can come as a big shock to those that were not planning for it.

Becoming a Parent Drinking during pregnancy

Can you have an occasional drink during pregnancy?

Becoming a Parent KZN mom sees newborn for the first time after beating Covid-19

The baby had to be delivered via caesarean section in order to save the mother’s life.

Becoming a Parent Here is the medication that is safe take while pregnant

Pregnancy can be riddled by aches and pains, but one can’t use any form of mediation to help with that.

Parenty South African women are well within their rights to terminate unwanted pregnancies

A legal act in South Africa, but it still remains a taboo subject. What are the facts?

Becoming a Parent Food to avoid when pregnant

Some foods might be a serious craving for mom, but pose some danger.

Becoming a Parent Yolanda Vilakazi on pandemic pregnancy and mistakenly being told she miscarried

She shared this in an Instagram post reflecting on her first two trimesters and how vastly different they were.

Becoming a Parent What to do when you are over 40-weeks pregnant

So what happens when you reach 40 weeks of pregnancy and there’s still no sign of baby arriving any time?

Becoming a Parent Unsafe abortions in Kenya leading to the deaths of thousands of women

Abortion stigma in Kenya is still rife and unsafe abortions are a major contributor to maternal deaths. 

Becoming a Parent PICS: Fans fawn over Simz and Tino’s gender reveal

Fans called the unique reveal, ‘the coolest reveal ever’.

Becoming a Parent South Africa Mommy Blogger Aisha O’Reily gets real about postpartum bodies

This is an important message for new moms everywhere to help them appreciate their post-birth bodies more.

Becoming a Parent READ: Model Tino Chinyani pens heartfelt message to baby mama Simz Ngema

Fans were left astonished by the news that not only are the pair a couple, but also by the fact that they will soon be a family of three.

Becoming a Parent Covid-19 is forcing women to miscarry from home

For women who are miscarrying, Covid-19 has made it a lonelier experience.

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