Millions of moms can only afford to access public healthcare, and these are some of the hospital choices they have.
Our in-house midwife explains how coronavirus impacts pregnant women and breastfeeding moms.
Afrika has a gorgeous nursery that her mama was kind enough to show to us in a recent Instagram video
Three of the women consented to testing their babies, but one refused

Health Parents sue a hospital for conducting an emergency c-section without anaesthesia

Delfina Mota had a traumatic birthing experience where she had an emergency c-section while conscious and without any pain management

Becoming a Parent Coronavirus and pregnancy: The facts

During this global public health emergency, scientists are looking into its effects during pregnancy.

Parenty Yes, it is possible to orgasm during childbirth

Orgasmic birth, according to experts, is real and can help alleviate pain for women in labour.

Becoming a Parent 10 facts from the Council of Medical Schemes report on C-sections in SA

A report found that SA has high levels of medically unnecessary C-sections among people on medical aids.

Becoming a Parent What type of birth do you want?

Our resident midwife, Ruwaida Moola, explains the various birthing options available.

Becoming a Parent Have a healthy pregnancy with these hints and tips

For a healthy pregnancy take extra care with regards to your diet and exercise.

Becoming a Parent #SoWhatImPregnant shows how women get discriminated against in the workplace

The Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA) protects pregnant women in the workplace, but they still experience discrimination

Becoming a Parent Falling pregnant with endometriosis – It’s possible

Getting pregnant with endometriosis is a possible. This is what you must know.

Becoming a Parent Pampers launches digital diapers

New diapers will alert parents as to when nappies are full!

Becoming a Parent Baby delivered by cops at Durban police station (Plus 5 things to do in an emergency delivery)

A baby boy in Durban just couldn’t wait for the ambulance to arrive at the police station.

Health What can you do about swollen feet during pregnancy?

Swollen feet can quickly take away the magic of carrying a baby.

Celebrities Zola Nombona pens open letter to her unborn child

In the letter, written in her home language of isiXhosa, Nombona sings the praises of her unborn child while detailing the love she already feels for them. 




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