A baby boy in Durban just couldn’t wait for the ambulance to arrive at the police station.
Swollen feet can quickly take away the magic of carrying a baby.
“Drinking orange juice will cause the baby to have jaundice”.
Becca Kinsey experienced the most overwhelming kindness of strangers on her flight with two kids

Becoming a Parent Meet our resident Obstetrician & Gynecologist: Dr Mpume Zende

Have a question for a gynea? We’ll get it answered for you!

Your 9 month journey Zola Nombona pens open letter to her unborn child

In the letter, written in her home language of isiXhosa, Nombona sings the praises of her unborn child while detailing the love she already feels for them. 

Your 9 month journey Belly Binding- does it really work?

While belly binding is a common practice amongst women who have just given birth, the jury is still out on whether it will help you snap back.

Fertility Five things we learnt from the latest research on infertility

A recent by the United Nations shows infertility is on the rise in South Africa. Here’s what we know so far.

Adoption American couple saves up, cuts back on all expenses to adopt South African baby

US couple spend all their money toward their dream of adopting South African child

Becoming a Parent Former Miss World Rolene Strauss welcomes her new baby boy

Former Miss World announced the birth of he son on Instagram.

Becoming a Parent Safety checks to read before your next gynae visit

Being pregnant for the first time should be a joyful experience and your gynae is key to making sure you and your baby are safe. Before you choose one make sure they are fit to ensure this.

Your 9 month journey 7 postpartum body changes no one tells you about

For people who expect women to “snap back” they need to snap out of it.

Becoming a Parent Vaccine to protect pregnant women from malaria yields promising results

Particularly dangerous for pregnant women and their unborn children, the disease is associated with risks of low birth weight and neonatal mortality.

Your 9 month journey Is this ad about dealing with the after effects of birth too real for TV?

The academy said the video is “too graphic, with partial nudity and product demonstration”

Becoming a Parent New parental leave laws and UIF benefits: everything you need to know

The new laws took effect in January 2020 but there’s still a lot of confusion around them.

Fertility First exhibition dedicated to fertility set for March 2020

The essential event for any fertility journey

Fertility Am I too old to have kids? Here’s a medical answer

Dr Dulcy answers your health questions relating to children, and fertility.




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