Details surrounding the death of this premature baby are still unknown, and further investigations will be conducted.
Being pregnant is hard enough but doing it during a pandemic is even tougher!
Being unable to receive conventional support from family and friends can further add to the feelings of frustration, fear and isolation commonly felt by mothers after the birth of their child
“God saw me worthy of you, and I’m honored to be your Mama” Zenande shares.
The child was born premature and only two days old.
The company will no longer be selling their baby powder in the US and Canada.

Becoming a Parent Covid & lockdown: A parent’s guide to all the madness of the week that was

After almost two months of being in lockdown, this is where we’re at.

Your 9 month journey Maternity leave under Covid-19 circumstances – what are your rights?

There is a lot of confusion around moms-to-be when it comes to leave during this time. Forced leave means annual leave usually added to the maternity leave term will be affected. A labour lawyer clarifies.

Your 9 month journey Tips for nurturing and nourishing your bump with a well-balanced diet

Did you know a little one’s first 1000 days are the most significant for their health and development?

Baby Financial preparation is of vital importance for prospective parents

Expecting parents urged to get financially prepared for their bundle of joy’s arrival

Your 9 month journey All your pregnancy and covid-19 FAQs answered by Dr. Zende

There is a lot of work that is going on in the public space as well regarding precautions in keeping mom and baby safe.

Africa Surge in child mortality forecast in pandemic-hit developing countries

About 56,700 more maternal deaths could also occur in six months.

Your 9 month journey Is the new pregnancy belly disappearing challenge on TikTok safe?

Moms are sucking in their tummies to show they don’t look pregnant.

Your 9 month journey The role of a midwife in low and high-risk pregnancies

If the midwife isn’t allowed to be with the mum due to hospital policies, she may continue home care and support after the mum and baby are discharged.

Your 9 month journey Midwives are the calm during Covid-19 storm for pregnant women

“What we as midwives hope to do is to support and help mommies-to-be as best we can in the circumstances we find ourselves in.”

Becoming a Parent Is Nicki Minaj pregnant? Here’s why fans think so

Nicki Minaj has sparked speculation she may be pregnant, after discussing her food cravings and feelings of “nausea”.

Becoming a Parent Actor Warren Masemola excited to be expecting his first child

Known for keeping his personal life private, the actor happily shared the baby news on Twitter and Instagram.

Becoming a Parent Gabrielle Union’s new book is a ‘love letter’ to her daughter

Gabrielle also wants to dedicate the book to all “non-traditional families.




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