She says gender reveal parties have “become a problem”.
During intercourse the penis does not hurt the baby.
Being a parent can leave you feeling guilty for taking even 5 minutes for yourself.
All five of the kids in the Kolisi household are not impressed.
Matching swimsuits and sunglasses get us into holiday mode
From signing up to reading clubs to letting them draw on the walls, check out the television host’s unique suggestions.

Adulting Trendy, fashionista mums (and dads) take note

Why you need to visit the The KAMERS/Makers market.

Adulting How arguing in front of your children can damage their emotional psyche

A child’s entire sense of belonging and security is carried out by their parents.

Adulting Woman ordered to pay cheating ex’s divorce fees; does so in the funniest way

A woman is being called a “genius” after she found a loophole in a divorce order she received from the judge, who signed off her divorce.

Adulting The church has no right to regulate women’s bodies

Why are the laws around abortion being so heavily influenced by religion?

Adulting Enter and win with Parenty

Let the tech do the heavy lifting while you have all the fun and collect all the glory (and likes).

Adulting What men who don’t take paternity leave will never know

When you don’t tackle this mayhem with your partner, mayhem will never exist in their world.

Our bodies, our health, our rights, our lives

Adulting Our bodies, our health, our rights, our lives

Today is #May28, the International Day of Action for Women’s Health, it is an important day.

Adulting Giving your spouse your full acceptance

I have a suspicion that the average person learns about love and relationships from movies and songs.

Adulting Male contraception

What we are sure of is that it takes two to tango and we must take equal accountability with regards to family planning.

Adulting The Great Equalizer Podcast – #enough

This week on the Great Equalizer, Sam flies solo at the end of #hellweek in South Africa. Luckily, postpartum doula and founder of The New Normal Genevieve Putter swoops in to relieve Sam from 60 minutes of monologuing.

Adulting The culture of Lobolo in the 21st Century

So what happens when a guy that earns R8 000 a month wants to marry you, but can’t afford it?

Adulting Grief & Gratitude

He feels responsible to keep her safe

Adulting Postpartum depression can affect dads – and their hormones may be to blame

New parenthood is hard, whether you are a man or a woman

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