There’s surely good reason for a mood changer, one that will create a relaxed air in the otherwise stuffy precinct.
The current system desperately needs to be reevaluated, or it will continue to produce graduates with little to no experience.
Maybe President Cyril Ramaphosa should use the legal system to tie up those frustrating his focus while he gets on with the business of leadership.
In the greater scheme of things, life seems to be one giant routine.
This simply means do not go where you know you should not be …..
Her journey from anti-apartheid journalist to tweeting politician has seen Zille become a purveyor of paranoid anti-intellectualism and right wing ideas.

Five Malema quotes that may ring true

The EFF leader has claimed that former president Nelson Mandela handed over the baton to the party.

Editorials SA education a national crisis

Many pupils – in supposedly well-resourced urban education districts, never mind the impoverished rural ones – don’t have desks and chairs or books.

Editorials Watch out for the Proteas, Aussies

But not because South Africa is the best in the world – we have clearly proved in this tournament that we are not.

Columns Prepare for total collapse, led by municipalities

The recent collapses of water services in Grahamstown and the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast are not anomalies. They are harbingers of nationwide collapses.

Columns From Protea green to Sri Lankan blue

Don’t get me wrong. I’m certainly fortunate to have a pool. Nothing gives me more joy than seeing the kids splashing around for hours on end.

Columns Orchids and Onions – #Done with bollocks

Castle Lager, you’re safe for now. But Independent Institute of what again … rethink. Why knock tradition? One expects more from an education ad.

Columns Plug the money drain, ANC, and act against thieves

Something has to happen, and soon, because even if we’re not running out of patience, we’re running out of time and money.

Columns Join Uncle Cyril and dream big, to achieve our goals

Lofty dreams help us to move past stumbling blocks. Dreams push you forward, naysayers hold you back. It is the beginning of any real achievement.

Columns Hold on to that job, lucky one

May we who have jobs continue to put more effort into our output – there are millions who would trade places with us in a heartbeat.

Columns It is time for Soweto to also pay for electricity

In Soweto, the installation of prepaid meters has often been met with violence. It will take more than Sona to change attitudes.

Columns Anniversaries are supposed to be momentous occasions

There’s another wedding anniversary looming and I dare not forget it.

Columns On Guard: Layers of safety, once-off measures and good daily habits

This week, we look at two more layers of safety. There are hundreds of things we can do to keep ourselves safe.

Columns Zindzi holds up a mirror for us to look into

The only way to disempower the effects of phrases such as ‘land thieves’ is to revisit our history, genuinely look its effects on our social and political fabrics, and accept that history.

Columns Look to Mozambique and your possible future, SA

The day in Maputo was like looking into the future of a country looking to the future, building and creating and growing against all odds.

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