The bizarre incident involving the Sars IT head is food for thought.
Some estimates put the genocide toll as high as 1 million people.
The former state president has been uncompromising in his view of how to reverse the rot.
The construction experts say the violence has already scared off a large international firm who decided the business was not worth the risk to its staff.
Thank you, Eskom, for making South Africa the most hopeful nation on Earth.

Editorials ‘Big Brother’ Vumatel sparks concerns about privacy

Vumatel is planning 15 000 CCTV cameras in streets around Johannesburg to keep track of criminals.

Editorials Boeing’s new plane needs a closer look

If there is a problem with the plane, it should be grounded worldwide for rectification of any faults.

Editorials The country’s going broke at a rapid rate

SA will go broke if it does not cut civil service salaries, social grant payments, government debt and other expenses, according to professor Jannie Rossouw.

Editorials Basking in Federer’s glory

The 37-year-old Swiss legend’s amazing run started in 2001 in Milan.

Editorials RAF: overhaul the whole system

The reason the money pit of the Road Accident Fund exists at all is because so many South Africans are behind the wheel without insurance.

Editorials ANC’s view on land reform sobering

Few who support extreme land reform – for that is what this will be – look further than change of ownership.

Industry news Illegal street racers don’t have to put others at risk

Road racers practice their craft where others certainly can be harmed.

Editorials Take a leaf out of Cyril’s book, Stella

Ndabeni-Abrahams should be fired if the ANC is in any way serious about true democracy and freedom.

Editorials How the hell can we believe Eskom?

According to Eskom, there was a ‘shortage of capacity’ … on a Sunday afternoon and evening in summer?

Editorials The infamous diplomatic memo may actually be a good sign

It is fascinating that five Western countries with considerable business ties with South Africa have effectively sent a warning shot across the bows of President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Editorials Punish the racist Lindsay Maasdorp, not the BLF

The country needs to see how far these racist reactionaries manage to go in the world of real politics.

Editorials The EFF is looking strong, and increasingly dangerous

The party has been relentless, and its pie-in-the-sky promises are taking it far in SA.

Editorials The middle class must be looked after

No successful nation has become so without a thriving, and growing, middle class.

Editorials Government must be more IT savvy

The debacle could place the gun licence system – and the database needed to track all weapons – in jeopardy.


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