I dabbled in the camping world this month, despite my lack of outdoorsy skills.
An awesome Onion for DNA Brand Architects … and one to Volvo for good measure, for allowing shotgun PR to happen.
Withholding your vote is as much a democratic tool as supporting the party of your choice is. Hell, even a spoilt vote is a way to express your beliefs!
The country’s professional leeches have been rolling out their charm offensives over the past few months.
If you vote for Ramaphosa, believing he is a change agent, you are in denial. Much like ANC supporters.
That this election is vital – a watershed, in fact – for a country hijacked by criminals in every facet of its infrastructure, is obvious.

Columns We live it, Mr President, apologies for the train delay

We commuters apologise for the delay and hope that, when you have time, you’ll come again and experience something different. 

Columns The ANC is unable to self-correct

Ramaphosa is not incapable of fixing government. He is simply working from within a party that makes it impossible for him to do so.

Columns If the election was a fairy tale…

The coming elections might just see some dragons slain, while there’s always the possibility of an ogre emerging as the king of the castle.

Columns Dear broccoli, I don’t like your new look

You used to be so perfect just the way you are.

Columns Michael Jackson’s music feels like a horror soundtrack now

I couldn’t even get through the whole Leaving Neverland documentary.

Columns Here’s who to vote for, whiteys

The logic of voting ANC, not because you like its policies but because you like its leader, is so tactically flawed that one hardly knows where to start.

Columns Howzat for simple law changes?

Unlike the rugby changes, the cricket ones are simple, and easy to understand. They also make sense.

Columns Orchids and Onions – Take a bow, McDonald’s

And the Onion goes to … Chicken Licken, for its bullying tactics towards a vegan eatery.

Columns Cheers to all you right-wing trolls who can’t tell your arse from your elbow

It’s interesting what you can learn about an online ‘army’ when they come after you.

Columns My love is fuelled by drama

As a matter of fact, I don’t watch TV anymore. I don’t follow sport. And I don’t go to the theatre. Organised entertainment simply cannot compete.

Columns What does education cost in SA? Sometimes, everything

Children pay with their childhoods for an education in South Africa… and with their lives.

Columns The State Security Agency urgently needs an overhaul

Our intelligence agency’s preoccupation has been meddling in politics, rather than fighting crime, stabilising the country and staving off external threats.

Columns Avoid xenophobic undertones on topic of healthcare for foreigners

All we can do is ask the government and the public for a humane approach to the matter of healthcare to non-South African citizens.

Columns Ignorance has been votes bliss for the ANC

The ANC poll suggests the party will retain Gauteng, but a more credible survey by the Institute of Race Relations indicates it will dip under 50%.


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