Blaming white people for the inactivity of the ANC to make the slightest difference in the land distribution problem is simply race-baiting.
To raise a child with a woman is one of the greatest privileges life has to offer.
The debate is out on whether the ANC will be able to match the EFF’s youthful impetuosity in parliament.
Unlike your conventional comedian who fluffs it deliberately to raise a laugh, the MP goon is serious – making it really funny.
If the DA doesn’t win Gauteng outright, too much compromise could put the party’s principles and governance track record at stake.
If younger voters are shunning the polls, re-educating the existing and willing voter through voter education programmes should be the focus.

Columns If you want to do well in athletics, choose your parents well

People sometimes take drugs to get to the level of a world-beater. And that is wrong.

Columns Poll predictions present a grim omen for SA’s future

The racist and violent EFF is likely to at least double their vote nationally which, with the ANC, could mean a two-thirds majority in parliament.

Columns Duanne Olivier has a very good point about SA cricket

Olivier really isn’t wrong about how England allows him more room for improvement.

Columns Orchids and Onions – Reborn ‘glug-glug’ ads deserve accolades

Defy and Finish, pick up your respective Onions. And remember: I’ve told you a billion times not to exaggerate…

Columns Politicians are wasting their time on the campaign trail

What they forget to understand is that we already know who we are voting for and have done so for some time.

Columns Caster is still our golden girl

Caster, I am watching the future with interest. I’m sure we will see your name in lights for years to come.

Columns SA needs visionaries, like in the past

We are in this position because we no longer have selfless individuals like Nkondo, Botha, Mandela, Sobukwe, Steve Biko and Chris Hani.

Columns #TotalShutdown has been hijacked by destructive forces

No longer is the name synonymous with the fight for the protection of the right to life by women in South Africa.

Columns The DA has the better story to tell, it’s just a fact

You’ve heard enough about ANC corruption and incompetence. Instead you want to know whether the DA has any constructive contribution. A good story to tell?

Columns Bad, or really bad – that’s the choice

The fightback against Ramaphosa and his clean-up crusade has been instant. And it comes under the leadership of the ANC’s secretary-general, Ace Magashule.

Columns Reliving a day at the Rand Easter Show

The only element that remained unchanged this year was the debate about the safest route.

Columns Xsê – but not for the ANC

The DA is the proverbial headless chicken – trying to be all things to all people and fighting with each other more than grappling with policies.

Columns Zimbabwe is a lesson for us that voting alone is not enough

To cast your ballot and then sit back, hoping for miraculous change, will just not cut it.

Columns Zimbabwe, where what you paid for two months ago costs 300% more when you arrive

And there’s a whole lot less to see, too, thanks to the poaching.

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