While hair is no measurement for intelligence, the natural look is no measurement for how African one truly is.
Emigration is a cop-out if it means giving up on the dream of a prosperous, united SA. Rather than get the hell out of here, let’s take the ‘hell’ out of NHI.
Normally, you add ‘muti’ to the water and switch on the Kreepy. Not this ‘meneer’.
It started at 11.18am when I joined the queue at the licensing department in Mogale City.
It is one thing to have the best interests of the public at heart at all times, but it is close to delusional to take a Chapter 9 institution and turn it into a political office.
Sure, the digital world has made so many things so much easier. But we will always be analogue beings.

Orchids and Onions – Secrets we don’t talk about, but should

Orchids to Nedbank for deciding to do a positive thing and get people thinking, while Rosebank Day Spa gets an Onion for a lost opportunity.

SA’s weaponised baby-making will have to slow down

Government needs to do everything it can to grow the economy and slow population growth, even though the latter is likely to be a racially flammable issue.

Cricket SA stumps players and fans alike

With respect to those who are embracing a new era in SA cricket, it’s bloody hard not be shaking in your boots.

What’s far scarier than a haunted, abandoned hospital in Kempton Park?

The state will soon try to force all of us to use its universal healthcare system. What could possibly go wrong?

Ramaphosa could be the SA poor man’s Roosevelt

Like Roosevelt in the ’30s, Ramaphosa is left with no option but to implement policies that will take the country out of the economic jam, for the benefit of all.

SA women are dying for love

If the men we are breeding are the reason so many families are mourning their daughters, we should admit we have a problem – and he wears pants.

If Ramaphosa won’t lead, the IMF will

The unemployed, and those who survive on social grants, are not the only ones buffeted by rising inflation and low economic growth. We’re all affected.

Turning hurt into hope…

Perhaps the hope of better things to come lies in the fact that we, as a nation, are still healthy enough to come up trumps despite, or because of, the hurt and ugliness.

The rest of the continent is watching, SA

Why do the targets of these raids appear to be only of African origin? One hardly ever hears of Chinatown being raided for counterfeit goods.

Grant me my final moment

I made my friends pinkie-swear: They will not leave me in the car at my own funeral. I demand to take centre stage one final time.

Not knowing Left from Right

The smell of dope mixed with that of dust as 17 pairs of feet shuffled on to what used to pass for a soccer field in that part of the world.

‘Last hope’ Ramaphosa’s timidity is sinking SA

It is probably true that Ramaphosa is the only person in government who could save SA. Unfortunately, he also appears to lack the courage to do so.

Shocking umpiring rattles Test cricket’s bails

By the end of the day, the umpires were so starved of confidence that they were even checking so-called bump-ball catches.

Orchids and Onions: Banking on the Boks

FNB shares and Orchid with Grid for a thought-provoking advert, while Checkers gets half an Onion for trying to put lipstick on chemical pigs called ‘beers’.

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