Compromise is necessary in the two big Gauteng metros. But there must also be a line beyond which principle cannot be bent.
The sight of books brings calmness to a soul sick to death of a country wracked with crime and corruption.
In the end, the tough questions will come, like how does an advocate miss that her report is unconstitutional?
But don’t for one second forget we are not all idiots.
The focus in personal protection should not be on fighting. It should always be about not getting hurt.
One could have a R500K campaign donation unseating a president whose predecessor remains legally unscathed, despite literally billions stolen.

Columns SA rugby must stop being fancy

The Baby Boks have beaten their Kiwi counterparts because they invariably employ the power game the brilliant Springbok sides of the professional era have played before.

Columns Orchids and Onions – Hyundai warms hearts

Orchids also to Thurah Ncube, who have prevented me totally losing faith in humankind, and Mugg & Bean for a gesture worth a dozen ad campaigns.

Columns Arms deal money could’ve built 2m low-cost homes

Or it could have created 100,000 entry-level jobs for over a decade.

Columns We have no reason to celebrate on Father’s Day

Almost two thirds of all children in South Africa grow up without an involved father. The sad truth is that we are not very good at being dads.

Columns Did Patrice Motsepe play a role in Botswana ‘regime change’ efforts?

If there was any financing from Motsepe, was this part of political party funding, done in line with the Botswana electoral laws – and what was the motive?

Columns Where is the youth leaders to fill the ex-MPs’ shoes?

Where is the focus on student affairs, academic excellence? Where do they think the next leadership will come from when their last concern is education?

Columns Do you regret voting for Ramaphosa?

There was no such thing as a vote for Cyril. If you voted ANC, you helped prolong SA’s economic and political woes. Thanks for that.

Columns How can we trust politicians?

The nation at large has been hoodwinked into believing there are politicians who care. How naive.

Columns On Guard: Self-defence course … fact or myth?

Self-defence courses: do they effectively exist? I don’t think so.

Columns Ace Magashule and the supreme art of distraction

It is one thing for those that partook in state capture to defend their turf. It is quite another thing to take the whole country down with them.

Columns Talk about deceitful packaging

Packaging can be much more than just deceiving when taken at face value.

Columns Forget colour – work counts

Moving beyond denial is necessary if whites want to have a future in Africa.

Columns Don’t lose sleep over a tracker

As anyone who’s ever been told ‘you look tired’ knows, this is debilitating, whether coming from a person or a machine.

Columns The burning issue of truck torchings… and the Comrades

Perish the thought that the Comrades might have to be postponed or, even worse, have the TV cameras featuring the immolation of Zimbabwean truckers.

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