The memory of the Maseru Massacre lives on in this daughter
Nomabali Mapela was a toddler on the fateful 9 December 1982 – the day South African Defence Force (SADF) soldiers killed 42 people at Ha Thamae village.
Two big trends are currently blurring the line between sex work, pornography and social media. The Citizen spoke to some of those who are involved.
Not yet guilty, but still imprisoned for years
Like many countries, SA continues to struggle with overpopulated prisons filled with people still awaiting their day in court, often for petty crimes.
James Selfe has held the position of chairperson for the past 19 years, serving during the leadership tenures of Tony Leon and Helen Zille.
EXCLUSIVE: Hands off the judiciary says Mogoeng, addressing fake CR17 ‘list’
The Chief Justice worries Hitler’s propaganda strategy of repeating a lie until it becomes truth is working in modern-day SA.
EXCLUSIVE: There’s more to me than Nkandla, says Mogoeng
The chief justice discusses issues such as the spanking ruling, and why he shouldn’t be criticised for ‘getting involved in politics’.

Special Feature Family to get closure as MK vets to be buried 41 years after their death

Forensic examination and DNA tests were conducted to distinguish between the skeletal remains of Vuyani Goniwe and Bheki Cyprian Hlatshwayo.

Special Feature Ladysmith Black Mambazo still going strong 60 years later

‘There are no celebrities in the group. We are just humble human beings,’ says a member.

Special Feature Lottery’s promise of toilets leaves a nasty smell

Ten rural schools in Limpopo and 15 in the Eastern Cape are meant to benefit from a R20 million school toilet upgrade project.

Special Feature Anti-apartheid activists laid to rest in peace, 50 years on

The bodies of about 50 executed activists have been found and reburied so far.

Special Feature If you can make it in Congo, you can make it anywhere

Consider having to hustle in a city that has poor infrastructure and almost invisible government, among other issues.

Special Feature SA soldiers in DRC only disturb people who don’t want peace – SA ambassador

Congolese went to the polls on December 30 in the third democratic election for the country since it gained independence from Belgium in 1960.

Special Feature Joburg waste pickers face routine harassment

People don’t appreciate what they do for the city, the pickers complain.

Special Feature Six questions answered about Eskom and IPPs

The struggling utility’s Independent Power Producer programme explained.

Special Feature Cable theft and illegal mining threaten Joburg’s infrastructure

The city came within 30cm of a major disaster as illegal blasting nearly ruptured a fuel pipeline.

Special Feature I was threatened with rape and violence following Malema tweet – Karima Brown

The journalist says the EFF leader is a ‘facist and a bully’ and that the IEC should act against him and his party.

Special Feature South African men are worse off than women – study

International study overturns a few cherished assumptions about gender.

Special Feature Faf du Plessis: the captain steering the Proteas ship

While regaining the number one ranking in Tests is clearly one of Du Plessis’ priorities, the World Cup remains the Holy Grail for the Proteas.

Special Feature Democracy revitalises Barokologadi ba ga Maotoe village

The Barokologadi people had their ancestral land returned to them in 2007 after they were forcefully removed by the apartheid government.

Special Feature Brad Binder – definitely a biker to bet on in future

His consistent upward trajectory of wins is not by chance – he has a multifaceted plan, with winning Moto2 world title the next target.

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