Thokoza protests are ‘xenophobic attacks fuelled by poverty’, say community leaders
Police arrested at least 20 people after a week of rioting.
Dozens of shops and homes occupied by foreign nationals in Thokoza, East of Johannesburg, were looted and torched on Wednesday, and human rights groups have criticised government’s inaction to deal with xenophobic attacks.
A table sees crime in Johannesburg allocated to people from the nations Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.
They say they are hoping that the refugee agency will assist them after recent xenophobic attacks.
The refugees and asylum seekers ‘no longer felt safe in South Africa due to prejudice and violence’.
‘I don’t want to be in a country where I am attacked, beaten up and reminded every minute that I do not belong here.’

Xenophobia Foreigners ask the UN to help them leave SA – report

A Tanzanian woman says xenophobia has become so bad it has made living in the country difficult.

Xenophobia ‘SA is committed to ideals of African unity,’ Ramaphosa tells Buhari

The Nigerian president also condemned the violence against his countrymen in South Africa.

Xenophobia Sending envoys to apologise for xenophobia won’t help – Inkosi Chiliza

He says that when government reaches ground level, they will be able to understand the complexity of the issue better.

Xenophobia Ramaphosa’s xenophobia apology pays off

African leaders expressed appreciation to Ramaphosa for taking time to explain the situation in SA, which had generated concern in a number of countries.

Xenophobia ‘We cannot talk of a borderless Africa,’ says newly elected IFP president

Velenkosini Hlabisa says the government should assist undocumented foreign nationals in SA who are students and have special skills to be documented.

Xenophobia ‘Cops ignore xenophobic attacks in Alexandra’

GRAPHIC IMAGES: Ncube and Mzizi have been regularly attacked by a gang masquerading as ‘fighting illegal immigrants’.

Xenophobia UN says 1,500 foreign nationals have had to flee their homes in SA

800 people, mainly from Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe, have reportedly sought safety in community halls in Katlehong.

Xenophobia SA should apologise to unwilling prostitutes, not foreigners – Mashaba

This after Mashaba said on television that he would not apologise for the xenophobic violence, as President Ramaphosa had.

Xenophobia ‘Just a crime’ blame-game approach to xenophobia isn’t working

The approach deflects from governance failures, while hundreds of vulnerable migrants and South Africans who have been arrested in recent weeks face an uncertain fate, says a Wits academic.

Xenophobia African leaders ‘must get their act together’ so their citizens don’t leave – Nzimande

SA can’t ‘absorb the result of all the problems that are made by leaders who want to loot their country,’ the SACP general secretary said.

Xenophobia ‘I have apologised on your behalf’ – Ramaphosa after Mugabe memorial boos

‘The world expects us to behave in a way where we respect the rights of people from other nations,’ the president said.

Xenophobia ‘I think it is the media that is depicting SA as xenophobic,’ says Naledi Pandor

The minister says the media should convey a message which says the nation is concerned by the recent xenophobic violence and attacks.

Xenophobia The people who sparked the xenophobic violence

Zweli Ndaba admits he penned the flyer that spurred hostel dwellers and truck drivers to take part in the shutdown that led to xenophobic attacks in Gauteng.

Xenophobia Displaced foreign nationals say they are ready to return to Katlehong

Xenophobia victims have been staying at the Tsolo Community Hall, but say they want to go back to the suburb, rather than going back to their countries of birth.

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