Today marks exactly four months to South Africa’s opening match of the World Cup against hosts England at The Oval.
Would it not make sense for municipal authorities to consult people on the ground first and offer these communities priority in jobs, or subcontracts?
Maintaining the strong official connection between us and India underlines the important role the community plays in South Africa.
Corruption can become so rooted in a society that those benefitting will be prepared to use violence to maintain the status quo.
Who could imagine a country being shut down because one man is determined to fund a meaningless gesture.
Mbalula is one of those people inside the ANC glass house.

Election research paints a bleak picture

Perhaps the reality is that young people are too busy trying to stay alive, to find a job or support their families to be interested in politics.

The importance of checking facts

The media and public witch-hunt on Elana Barkhuizen shows how fake news can spread with the speed and destructive force of a wildfire.

The honeymoon with Ramaphosa is truly over

Malema’s threats to disrupt the upcoming State of the Nation Address in parliament early next month is notice of the EFF’s intent.

SA needs answers over citizen’s death in Mozambique

The bottom line is that a South African citizen is dead and we need answers.

Don’t get depressed over evidence at Zondo Commission

Rather remember if Jacob Zuma had not been ousted as president 11 months ago, there would never have been such an inquiry in the first place.

Sixty years on, this icon is still on the road

The Mini is a metaphor for how the world has changed: it’s bigger, faster, slicker, safer … and a lot more complex than it was six decades ago.

SA will just have to bear the Zim consequences

If democracy and free and fair elections in that nation were supported, SA probably wouldn’t have to deal now with millions of refugees.

Corruption reigns from SA’s head to tail

It seems that ANC officials – even at a fairly low level – are not shy in viewing community assets as their own.

Why the Reserve Bank should not be nationalised

The worrying question is: why would the ANC want to take over the institution tasked with setting broader economic policy?

What is the biggest problem at Prasa?

Railway expert Dr Willem Sprong has put forward good ideas to fix the Prasa mess, but there’s a huge locomotive in the room.

ANC is at the heart of all state capture

Given the fact that Ramaphosa has not failed to bring to book any of those implicated, and they are still thriving in, one has to wonder.

Lambie’s retirement is food for thought

Lambie’s boyish good looks and seeming innocence, as well as his talent on the rugby field, brought him legions of fans.

Rewarding drunk drivers is absurd

Common sense tells you, instinctively, that someone who causes a negative outcome because of his or her reckless action should be held accountable.

Dakar Rally shows SA can be best in world

The win by Toyota Gazoo Racing SA is a triumph for local engineering know-how and an example of how private companies can also fly the SA flag high.

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