The people screaming loudest against the change appeared to know the least about what was actually going on.
The black leadership they have put before us is no more than window-dressing and these individuals have no real political clout.
Election 2019 could have been far better organised.
I’m still alive and well on the mend.
The ‘New Dawn’ needs to turn into actual daylight soon.
Those closest to the pap pot have set themselves some big targets.

Columns It’s time for a wake-up call

There is an enormous number of black South Africans who are alienated from the ANC but have been unable to find a political home.

Columns Maybe the loss was better for Leeds

Judging by the current success of English clubs a young Leeds side would have taken some nasty beatings in the Premier League.

Columns Orchids and Onions – Cadbury’s Mother’s Day ad just did it for me

Mr Price, for allowing your staff no flexibility when it comes to dealing with customers – and making zero provision for goodwill – you get an Onion.

Columns Women, stand up to any abuse of your space and body

We’re taught that if we feel someone touching us in an indecent manner, we should just scurry away so they don’t do it again.

Columns The ball is now in Ramaphosa’s court

Just wait until the elections are behind us, his supporters told us earlier this year. Now that time has arrived and we can’t wait to see his Cabinet.

Columns A pat on the back for Cyril Ramaphosa

He has embraced all, including those that wished he would not ascend to power within the ANC and the country.

Columns Gender non-parity in a nutshell

The ruling party that promised us a ‘new dawn’, that promised to repair our country, can only muster up two female candidates as premiers?

Columns Our teachers and schools aren’t fit for sex education

Studies have found South African teachers unable to understand what they teach, including simple arithmetic and language.

Columns What is it about lip locking?

Despite this repugnant scenario, we kiss for love, to say hello and goodbye. And, paradoxically, it leaves a good feeling.

Columns Democracy works in mysterious ways

It’s in Gauteng that democracy will require the EFF and FF+ to forget their ideological stances and keep the ruling party true to its promises.

Columns Harking back to the good old days

My home town is now home to the biggest collection of telephone poles erected in the last five decades.

Columns Haggling isn’t for beginners

In which the columnist is unceremoniously asked to leave a store in Turkey.

Columns The crazy world of medicine

I once thought doctors are infallible. But there’s much we still don’t know.

Columns The ANC, DA and EFF must all adapt or die

All three of the big parties had their weaknesses exposed in the 2019 elections.

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