It is only when you have a child that you get to know the wonderful fears of real, unconditional love.
Where is your ‘line in the sand’? When do you say, so far and no further?
I am angered to think that Koloane – now rewarded with a plum diplomatic job – misused his position and office.
How can you maintain the law if you have no order to begin with? On paper we may have laws, but in reality we have a country that runs on autopilot.
Rummaging through politicians’ garbage, without any particular aim except besmirchment, is gutter journalism, scraping the bottom of the barrel.
My pea brain keeps reminding me of traumatic instances. And I relive the agony, embarrassment and regret.

Why Mkhwebane’s ‘rogue unit’ report is deeply flawed

Her strategy plays into the hands of those who believe that she has one mandate and one mandate only: get Gordhan by any means necessary.

Nevermind fun tax, it’s time for a social media tax

The coup d’etat would be a tax on every spelling or grammar mistake. It can be called a syntax.

She was not ‘just a dog’. She was mine

On Wednesday, she made that last trip to the vet.

Putin hits the soft spot on liberalism’s vulnerabilities

If liberal democracies are to survive the rise of popular authoritarianism at home, they will have to become more palatable to the masses.

Surely, Mallett’s professional rugby opinion still counts?

The Human Rights Commission’s hearing into allegations of racism by Ashwin Willemse against Mallett and others at SuperSport can’t start quickly enough.

Orchids and Onions: Evoque has pose value

An Orchid for Range Rover’s head-turning ad hits target market, and teary eyes to the PR officer who doesn’t know how to deal with journalists.

Farmers, and their wives, are much more than khaki shirts

The most striking part of the farmer’s uniform is a quiet confidence. It’s very clear that they know what they are doing.

Here’s hoping that love conquers all

I have heard of people even within my family who couldn’t marry someone because she’s Catholic and he’s Methodist, and the families disapproved.

Trash-talking the EFF … for what? Used condoms?

Let’s unkink the layered attempt at painting the EFF red when we already know the true colours of the party.

The EFF acts like a chameleon… as it always has

The EFF’s decision could have unintended – or perhaps intended – consequences to enable the ANC to walk back into power at the Joburg and Tshwane metros.

Disillusioned, we are shaken by duty being done

We are just not accustomed to men and women who are true to their oath of office.

A South African dream preferred

If we could follow Martin Luther King’s dream, without abandoning redress, we’d be on the right road.

Get MPs rolling in the aisles to lift our mood

There’s surely good reason for a mood changer, one that will create a relaxed air in the otherwise stuffy precinct.

Perhaps SA needs a benevolent dictator right now

Maybe President Cyril Ramaphosa should use the legal system to tie up those frustrating his focus while he gets on with the business of leadership.

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