An unpleasant personal encounter in a cinema was a living lesson in how terrifying it can be to wonder what some random man may just do to you next.
Fine, drive me round the bend
You’ve seen the cloud ponies. One might have already driven into you.
When it comes to figuring out who our president really is and what he actually stands for, good luck to you.
The fundamental changes that are needed are the ones that will stop gender-based violence from happening, not ones that react to it.
In fact, if scars were tattoos, I would have looked like a colouring-in book.
I know who I am and so do the women in my life.

Rolling crisis is the new normal

Supposedly, cometh the hour, cometh the man. Ramaphosa, so far, has shown little sign of being that man.

Enoch Nkwe is indeed fit to coach Proteas

What interim Proteas team director Enoch Nkwe and fitness guru Greg King have done is lay down a telling marker.

Orchids and Onions – MultiChoice sets an example

An Onion to Prasa for a tweet about dealing with its problems by convening a ‘war room’. Who is your enemy? Commuters are your customers.

I’m a foreigner and know the reality in SA

To the rest of the African leadership: Who are you and who are you leading when your people are dying while trying to escape their country of birth?

We must protect the rest of Africa from ourselves

Maybe the time has come for us to consider a wall on our borders with Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia… for their protection.

Only we shall brand SA

Only we shall brand SA

An important discussion took place on the sidelines of the 2019 World Economic Forum (WEF) Africa meeting in Cape Town this week.

Only concrete action can take us out of the xenophobic muddle

Those behind the attacks want us to believe that foreign nationals are a homogenous group involved in drugs and human trafficking. Not all of them are.

Women are more than a #

Teach the men – and chastise, arrest and punish the men who continue to hunt us as their prey.

Our leaders fiddle while SA burns

We cannot look to Cele for answers but at least he appreciates the gravity. Can the same be said for President Cyril Ramaphosa?

Me no spika da Ingleesh

As for signage, like street names, most without vowels, makes getting to places stressful.

My feminine side is all aglow

My feminine side is all aglow

I think men and women should read each other’s magazines.

Tito Mboweni is doing the right thing

The best thing that could happen for SA’s economy right now is decisive leadership.

Caught in the prison of red tape

‘Look at us. The closer we get to the front, the slower the queue seems to move.’ He was right.

E-tolls are not dead, they’re just resting

E-tolls are not suffering from depression. The whole country is.

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