Nabila Makram, Egypt’s Minister of Immigration, drew her finger across her neck in a throat-cutting gesture as she described the punishment for those who insult Cairo.
‘Reintegration has no shortcuts. It takes time and comes with a price tag, but we have seen this gives the best results,’ says a representative.
Ughochukwu Dabo had been travelling with her daughter when she was stopped by the officers.
There have been subsequent rumours of a dirty tricks campaign against Qatar by their Gulf enemies.
Following the gunfight, the police unit seized nets used for illegal fishing on the island of Siza.
Botswana’s president said his country would back Kenya on the basis of trust, and in return, Gabarone expected support from Nairobi in other international bids.

At least eight killed in Somalia roadside blast

The attack followed Monday’s suicide car bombing blast in Mogadishu, which killed 17 people and wounded over 30.

Cameroon security forces kill civilians, rape women, claims HRW

Protests in the Anglophone regions started peacefully three years ago but were met with a draconian and brutal crackdown by government forces.

Army officer admits his part in murder of Gambian editor Deyda Hydara

In testimony, Lieutenant Malick Jatta said he carried out the shooting with at least two others.

Kenya’s finance minister, top officials arrested for graft

Rotich has previously denied any wrongdoing in the scandal.

Israel demolishes Palestinian homes in Jerusalem area

The demolitions would see 17 people displaced and another 350 affected, according to the United Nations.

Boko Haram ambush kills two Nigerian officers, 26 soldiers

Tens of thousands have been killed since the insurgency was launched in 2009.

Cameroon’s separatist struggle cripples second largest employer

More than half of the Cameroon Development Corporation’s 20,000 workers – fearing attacks – refuse to work, while the remainder work only part-time.

Protests erupt in Ethiopian city after separatist movement blocked

Political activists from the Sidama ethnic group in Hawassa stated they would declare independence and cede from the rest of Ethiopia on Thursday.

Tanzanian court rules to keep death penalty

More than ten African countries still have the death penalty.

Uganda to issue ‘birth certificates’ for cattle

An audit team from the European Union will arrive in Uganda in September to that all farmers producing commodities destined for Europe are registered.

Ethiopia on verge of political crisis as breakaway region’s declaration of independence looms

Currently the green, blue and red flag of the Sidama people is flying above government buildings in defiance of Addis Ababa.

Fears of Ebola spreading beyond DRC as another death reported

Over 11,300 people were killed in an Ebola epidemic in West Africa between 2013 and 2016.

South Africa not co-operating in arrest of Rwanda genocide suspect – UN court

It is the first time that South Africa has been accused of failing to assist in the arrest of a fugitive sought by the court.

DR Congo Ebola outbreak ‘health emergency’ of international concern: WHO

‘It is time for the world to take notice,’ WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in a statement.

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