‘The bodies are burned, we are continuing to look for others.’
Zimbabwe’s police and army have often used brutal force, including the use of live ammunition, to crush dissent.
The country’s membership was suspended indefinitely last Thursday following last week’s violence.
The situation is expected to deteriorate further as Nairobi digests the latest developments and considers its next moves.
A continuing general strike could significantly paralyse the country.
Markets and shops are closed in several Sudanese towns and cities. 

Africa Sketch therapy helps ease trauma of Central Africa’s war-torn children

Mamie Nouria Meniko Congolese runs a Red Cross programme at the displaced people’s camp to identify and help kids suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Africa Foreign staff to leave Sudan as fear continues to grip Khartoum

Meanwhile, the courage of the defiant protesters has not been dented despite the brutal crackdown they have been subjected to.

Africa Libya air strikes target airport, field hospital and equestrian centre

Thursday’s air strike, however, did not prevent Mitiga Airport from continuing to function, Libyan media reported.

Africa Canadian aid workers kidnapped in Ghana

The West African country is now on high alert for possible terror attacks and further kidnappings.

Africa Authorities urged to probe claim that Nigeria journalist was threatened with rape

Journalist Kofi Bartels was allegedly assaulted and arrested after he filmed Special Anti-Robbery Squad members beating a boy outside his home in Port Harcourt.

Africa AU suspends Sudan until civilian-led authority established

The African Union on Thursday suspended Sudan, demanding a civilian-led transition authority to resolve a crisis which has claimed over 100 lives.

Africa Sixteen killed in Nigeria’s Zamfara State as lawlessness continues

As a result of the regular attacks, some locals formed vigilante groups in self-defence.

Africa Motsepe sues Botswana paper for R6.7m

In addition, he is demanding that the newspaper publish an apology on its website and front page.

Africa Sudanese death toll rises above 100, corpses dragged out of Nile River

Al Jazeera reports that the internet has been cut as the sound of gunfire continues to echo across Khartoum.

Africa UK seizes millions of pounds from bank account of late Nigerian dictator

The UK Metro reported that the money had been placed in accounts in Jersey held by Doraville Properties Corporation.

Africa Twelve killed in DRC militia attack

Violence reportedly resumed in the area, in the southeast of the city, shortly after daybreak.

Africa Sudanese paramilitary forces attack hospital as death toll approaches 50

Members of the medical team working at the protest tents were also shot at and beaten up with whips and clubs.

Africa Ebola cases in DR Congo break 2,000 mark

It is the worst on record after an epidemic that struck three African countries between 2014-2016, leaving more than 11,300 people dead.

Africa Ugandan soldiers arrested after attempting to rob hotel

Last year 7,000 robberies were reported in the country, with urban areas being the hardest hit.

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