It’s the constitutional mandate of national govt to deliver water to all city councils, says Maimane.
The consequences will be dire not only for the Cape but the country so the failure by the powers that be to implement emergency solutions equal to the immensity of the crisis defies logic.
Work on this programme by the City’s Department of Water and Sanitation will begin on Friday, from 8pm to 4am on Saturday.
Mother fears hygiene issues arising from ration of 87l per day will make kids ill.

Cape Town to introduce level 6 water restrictions in new year to avoid running dry

Level 6 water restrictions will be introduced in Cape Town.

Swop your baggage allowance for water on your way to Cape Town

See how quickly South Africans can get 5 tonnes of water to Cape Town on Friday.

Water-saving shower-heads to be distributed in drought-stricken Cape Town

Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille said last week said that the City will reach the so-called reach Day Zero.

Water crisis hit Cape Town clubs

The water crisis in the Western Cape has impacted negatively on the stadiums used by the Premier Soccer League clubs.

Cape Town water crisis: 7 myths that must be bust

One of South Africa’s biggest cities, Cape Town, is gripped by a rising panic.

Cape Town will not run out of water, says De Lille

‘My message is clear: we have a plan, we will supply water, but Capetonians, your help is vital and so we need you to keep saving,’ says De Lille.

Zille declares WC a disaster area as ‘day zero’ looms

The disaster will be classified for a three-month period which can be extended if the need arises.

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