Discussions of the water crisis that has hit Cape Town tend to focus on supply and demand.
The NFP alleges that the DA wanted to award a R6 billion contract to the Israeli government, then cancel it and use the money to fight elections.
Cape Town is testing new strategies to nudge domestic users into reducing their water use.
The City of Cape Town has introduced the idea of Day Zero to focus everyone’s attention on managing water consumption as tightly as possible by cajoling water consumers into reducing usage.
Cape Town and other areas of the Western Cape are in the grips of a a devastating drought which has led to the implementation of severe water restrictions.

CPT Day Zero Cape Town now faces dry taps by July 9

Residents of drought-stricken Cape Town received good news Tuesday when city officials said they now face losing piped water to their homes by July 9 — a month later than last forecast.

CPT Day Zero How Cape Town’s water crisis could make people sick

The city has informed residents that water supplies will be turned off on the day and only retained for high risk areas and essential services.

CPT Day Zero How Cape Town’s water crisis could make people sick

When Day Zero arrives in Cape Town, the routine surveillance systems that monitor disease outbreaks will be enhanced to pick up new diseases.

Columns Why I’m doing my bit to save water

The thought of a water war is terrifying. That will be a war only the bullies can win.

CPT Day Zero City of Cape Town warns residents not to stockpile water

The City of Cape Town on Tuesday announced that Day Zero has been pushed back to June 4 from May 11.

CPT Day Zero Cape Town gets brief relief with rain showers

Temperatures had reached a high of 36 degrees Celsius in the city, with forecasts of further warm weather, with temperature set to hit 33 degrees Celsius on Wednesday and mid-to high 20s for the remainder of the week.

Africa SA declares drought a ‘national disaster’

South Africa on Tuesday declared a “national disaster” over a drought that has ravaged parts of the country and threatened to leave the city of Cape Town without domestic tap water.

CPT Day Zero How IUCMA managed water flow into three countries during a drought

The Usuthu system flows towards Swaziland, Komati system flows to Mozambique, while the Sabie/Sand flows through the Kruger National Park.

CPT Day Zero How to keep clothes clean during a water shortage

When it comes to the water crisis, good hygiene is essential. But how do you keep your clothes clean when water is in short supply?

CPT Day Zero Capetonians denied chance to see famous Houdini escape due to sensitivity about water

The show runs until tomorrow at Broadway, GrandWest. Capetonians hoping to see the extraordinary act will have to resort to YouTube.

CPT Day Zero WATCH: African mining indaba delegates comment on Cape Town water crisis

The latest indication from city authorities is that Day Zero will be on May 11.

CPT Day Zero South Africa needs good water management – not new water laws

Because water is shared by everyone, there have to be some rules to govern the way it is used. But it’s a difficult resource and when things go wrong, the temptation is to blame the unpredictable water – or the rules.

Africa Vulnerable fear Cape Town’s water shut-off

At Cape Town’s Nazareth House, a care home for dozens of vulnerable, disabled and orphaned children, feeding time is executed with military precision.

CPT Day Zero Heavy rainfall predicted for Western Cape towards weekend

There is an 80% of rainfall in the province, with predictions of 10-20mm of rain in most areas and up to 30-50mm possible near mountains and catchment areas.

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