Since last year, a number of scientific papers have indicated promising results. It is simply too early to tell, however, whether it could effectively ease Covid-19 symptoms, according to Sava.
The vaccination programme announced on Wednesday would target people at shopping malls, taxi ranks, schools, clinics and hospitals.
Under the deal, the African Union has secured vaccines which will be supplied by Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson.
944,539 people in the UK had received a first dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine as of Sunday. A second approved vaccine, AstraZeneca, will be given from next week.
South Africa does not yet have a delivery date for the first batch of vaccines, but all efforts are being made to get the vaccine to citizens as soon as possible.
The SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Test will help to quickly identify people who are infected and allows better patient management, as well as more effective use of healthcare resources.

Treatment News Questions hang over Covid vaccine for SA

The health department has announced that South Africa will probably take its first delivery of a coronavirus vaccine, which will cover 10% of the population, by the middle of next year.

Treatment News A million people in SA infected with Covid-19, expert says

Once 42 cases of Covid-19 has been identified in vaccine trial participants, experts will be able to unblind the study and analyse the data, to see if the vaccine works.

Treatment News Wits to start SA’s first Covid-19 vaccine trial

Participants are to be divided in three groups – two groups include HIV-negative participants and one group includes people living with HIV.

Treatment News Cheap steroid offers critically ill virus patients some hope

The South African Medical Association said critical information of data and proof was still required, as only a snippet of the trial findings were published.

Covid-19 Authors pull study flagging hydroxychloroquine risks

Three of the four authors behind a study in The Lancet that raised safety fears over the use of a drug favoured by President Donald Trump to treat COVID-19 withdrew their research Thursday, blaming a company that supplied the data.

Treatment News Western Cape to use high-flow nasal oxygen as early signs show improved treatment

According to Cloete, of the seven on high-nasal oxygenation, six recovered and the seventh was not placed on a ventilator.

Treatment News Experts slam coronavirus ‘disinfection’ tunnels

Experts have warned against using coronavirus ‘disinfection’ tunnels that some people think will stop the spread of the virus.

Science Coronavirus hopes and fears centre on ‘immunity’

Could exposure to the coronaviruses that cause the common cold help protect against COVID-19? Is herd immunity closer than previously thought?

Africa Madagascar’s ‘green gold’ ‘cure’ against Covid-19 seeks nod beyond Africa

A drink made from a bright-green fern-like plant is being promoted in African countries as the go-to cure for Covid-19.

Covid-19 SA’s mass testing hits limits as virus spreads

With an expert flick of the wrist, South African nurse Bhelekazi Mdlalose collected throat swabs from young men lining up for coronavirus testing at a run-down hostel in downtown Johannesburg.

Covid-19 Antimicrobial surface coating kills coronavirus for 90 days – study

A specially formulated antimicrobial coating can keep surfaces clear of a human coronavirus for up to 90 days with just one application, a preliminary study said Friday, suggesting a new line of defence against COVID-19.

Treatment News Tests show UVC lamps could light the way in virus fight

Ultraviolet-C ray lamps have long been used to kill bacteria, viruses and moulds, notably in hospitals and in the food-processing industry, but UVC rays are dangerous, and can be used only when no one is present.

Treatment News St Augustine’s and Kingsway hospitals to reopen after Covid-19 outbreak in April

Four people died in a Covid-19 outbreak at St Augustine’s Hospital and 47 staff members tested positive.

Parenty How does the virus infect children? And should they be in school?

With parents and policymakers agonising over when to reopen schools as lockdowns ease, scientists are still struggling to find out how the new coronavirus affects children.

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