‘It’s not a very bad budget, given the circumstances’ – Julius Malema
The leader of the red berets was an unlikely source of support for the Finance Minister. Malema gave his opinions on a few of the budget’s sticky points right after Mboweni’s speech.
‘The increases to the fuel levies will hurt the poorest of the poor hardest and will make transport costs that much more expensive,’ the AA said.
Budget shows ‘govt becoming realistic on how it deals with issues’
‘The minister sees you can’t keep on milking the taxpayer budget after budget,’ an analyst said, while another stated the budget won’t increase growth.
Budget pain could have been much worse
Finance Minister Tito Mboweni treads softly with his budget and surprises with some relief for taxpayers, no one-off tax levy and no increase in VAT.
One public sector group said on Wednesday it would ‘shut down government indefinitely’ if Mboweni announced even a freeze on wages.
EFF MP Mbuyiseni Ndlozi stood up and said it also happened to some of their members.

Budget 2020 UPDATE: Govt to cut wage bill to rein in public spending – Mboweni

Other cost-saving measures will include requiring all government officials to travel economy class on domestic flights.

Up in smoke – new vaping tax could shed jobs

Budget 2020 Up in smoke – new vaping tax could shed jobs

Could new vaping tax hurt job creation in South Africa’s fledgling e-cigarette industry?

Budget 2020 Another small increase to social grants

Social grants will see only a slight increase, while early childhood development and programmes to combat gender-based violence will receive hefty allocations. Free sanitary pads for female pupils also finally gets some attention.

Breaking News Budget2020: Public sector wage bill to be slashed

Mboweni’s announcement of a massive R160 billion reduction in the public service wage bill is sure to raise some eyebrows, but the move is expected to yield a 1% reduction in consolidated compensation spending.

Budget 2020 No major tax increases, announces Mboweni

Contrary to what pundits predicted, income tax will go down and VAT will stay the same.

Breaking News Budget2020: R129 billion into the SOE black hole

South Africa’s ailing state-owned entities will be getting a massive R129 billion cash injection and, predictably, the bulk thereof will go toward the limping state power utility.

Budget 2020 Boozers and vapers have plenty to cry about

The good news is that VAT hasn’t been increased, but there is a raft of (expected) tax hikes on all the fun stuff, including beer, wine, and vaping-related goods. There is also bad news for the petrol heads, with increases in fuel and RAF levies.

Budget 2020 WATCH LIVE: Budget 2020

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni’s 2020 budget speech will be delivered against the backdrop of low economic growth, high unemployment and a looming downgrade by Moody’s.

Budget 2020 Will the 2020 budget promise SA secure ownership rights and freedom?

A budget speech announcing lower taxes, and decreased government spending, will indicate that the government is truly committed to radical economic transformation.

Budget 2020 News on the ‘wealth’ for the sovereign fund eagerly awaited

There’s little logic behind creating such a fund in a sea of government debt.

E-tolls could well be over, but who’ll pay Sanral’s debt? – Outa

Budget 2020 E-tolls could well be over, but who’ll pay Sanral’s debt? – Outa

Although Sanral received money from Treasury, very little went to service the R20bn debt and, instead, went to Electronic Toll Collection to pay for toll collections.

Eskom, SOEs ‘must be saved’ for SA’s sake – economists

Budget 2020 Eskom, SOEs ‘must be saved’ for SA’s sake – economists

It is ‘more important than ever for government to drive investment into SOEs to deal with the current job crunch and stimulate a healthier economy’.

This is our last chance to be saved from junk status, Mboweni

Budget 2020 This is our last chance to be saved from junk status, Mboweni

The finance minister, who does not have much leeway in the budget he presents today, should ‘be cold and clinical,’ and cut all aid to SOEs, experts say.

‘Job cuts unavoidable” students predict ahead of budget

Budget 2020 ‘Job cuts unavoidable” students predict ahead of budget

Some of the country’s brightest young university students are gathered in Cape Town ahead of tomorrow’s budget speech, and they almost all predict a plethora of added taxes and levies, they believe job cuts are also unavoidable.

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