Cyril Ramaphosa’s long and eventful career has taken him from trade union activist to multi-millionaire — and is now likely to become president of South Africa.
Slate politics are the reason for internecine contests for leadership positions in the ANC, which, as he correctly pointed out, rob the ANC of good leadership.
Reason number ten, according to ‘Mama Action,’ is that ‘ii-cupcake is in the oven.’
Malema told Mbete the ‘poor cow’ she slaughtered had died for no reason as both Zuma and the ANC Women’s League had ditched her to back Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma.
She won the economic policy battle at Nasrec and Ramaphosa is now faced with the arduous task of implementing populist policies.
Several ANC insiders have revealed how talks are already being held within the ruling party to map out Zuma’s exit before the general elections in 2019.

We cannot celebrate Zuma’s exit, his army of crooks are at work, says Makhosi Khoza

The resolutions adopted at the ANC conference would ruin the country said Khoza.

After Zuma spurned Khoi San protesters, Ramaphosa attends to them

The Khoisan leaders are contending ANC’s definition of ‘African in general and black in particular’ is discriminatory towards them.

Anglican archbishop implores ANC to cut ‘umbilical cord’ with Zuma

Makgoba said the only way the ANC could “make a clean break with the past” was to get rid of Zuma.

The ANC has a new leader: but SA remains on a political precipice

Rumours that President Jacob Zuma has instructed the South African National Defence Force to draw up plans for implementing a state of emergency may or may not be true.

What does Ramaphosa’s victory mean for SA’s economy?

A great deal is expected from Cyril Ramaphosa who was elected as the president of South Africa’s governing party, the African National Congress (ANC).

R200m ANC debt Mashatile’s biggest headache

The ANC’s debt, estimated to be at R200 million, could only be reduced if the party restructured to cut costs, Mkhize advised.

#Nasrec68: ANC acting in good faith

The disgruntled members from Limpopo and KZN support Mchunu and demand that their “special votes” should be counted.

Mhaule, Mpumalanga fraud-accused MEC and ANC’s 9th most popular leader

Source claims Mabuza lobbied other provinces to support Mhaule to become part of the NEC as he needs a female leader to rally his forces during heated debates.

WATCH: Limpopo #ANC54 delegates sing ‘Zuma wa tsamaya, bohodu bo fedile’

Although security personnel, SAPS and state security agency separated delegates and the media, it was very easy to figure which camp it was based on the music.

WATCH: That time Lindiwe Zulu asked the media to stop following Bathabile around

A visibly frustrated Zulu told the media to give the minister of social development time to prepare herself after NDZ was defeated at the ANC conference.

Social media thinks all Hillary Clinton will say to NDZ is ‘yhuuu amadoda’

South African social media is under the impression that Clinton is likely to say ‘yhuuu amadoda’ when she meets NDZ.

Zuma and Ramaphosa face battle of wills over SA’s future

South Africa’s Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa wrapped up Thursday the party conference that elected him ANC leader, with a vow to stamp out corruption in the organisation and in government.

Open letter to Cyril Ramaphosa from ‘Afrikaans tannie’ goes viral

Many South Africans are delighted with the outcome of the ANC conference, with some broadcasting their satisfaction on social media.

VISUALS: A look at Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma’s inspiring timeline

Though she did not win the ANC presidential race, Dlamini-Zuma, now an NEC member has certainly inspired with her courage to run to become the ruling party’s first woman president.

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