As was recommended by the Public Protector in her report of 19 December 2014, the JMPD has “apologised” for what can only be described as acting as criminals by breaking the law in issuing Aarto infringement notices unlawfully. Big deal!
The practice of carrying people on light deliveryvehicles, which we call “bakkies” in South Africa, is perfectly legal, provided that the bakkie has sides of a height greater than 35cm, people sit on the floor of the load bay and are physically separated from tools.
Formula One has to rate as one of the most irrationally governed sports on the planet.
A report in the Cape Argus gave pause for thought last week. The Cape Town traffic department has decided to “clamp down on modified cars as part of their actions against illegal street racers.”
So, the festive season is now officially over and with it, as always, the focus on heightened and visible traffic policing, road safety awareness, etc. will be mothballed until Easter comes around.
It is just over a fortnight before the first round of F1 testing gets underway at the Jerez circuit in Spain.

Reviews and opinion Floyd on F1: manufacturing and the rules of F1

Over the last twelve months we have repeatedly been informed that it is essential that manufacturers remain in F1.

Reviews and opinion Ferrari’s woeful 2014, uncertain future

The media has been avidly following the restructuring program of Ferrari’s F1 division following a year of several replacements in company’s senior staff.

Reviews and opinion Keeping Formula One at the forefront

You have to wonder at the level of draconian power wielded by CVC Capital Partners and their appointed front man, Bernie Ecclestone, if current reports are to be believed.

Reviews and opinion The fatal season is upon us

It’s that time of the year again when the roads in Gauteng become like the laid back coastal towns Gautengers migrate to each extended holiday period.

Reviews and opinion Looking back at e-tolling

Today marks the anniversary of the implementation of e-tolls in Gauteng. The first anniversary, mind you – not its birthday, because it was somewhat stillborn and failed to materialise into the “masterpiece” and “better” or “only” way to go that everyone – including the highest court in the land – was told it would be.

Reviews and opinion What will happen on our circuits next year?

A master plan to turn the fortunes of local circuit racing around is being implemented, with the face of the sport set to change dramatically next year.

Reviews and opinion E-tolls: ‘Sanral talks and we must listen’

So last week saw the department of transport and Sanral “engaging” the Gauteng e-tolls committee, after previously dissing the entire process and labelling it as nothing but an impotent farce.

Reviews and opinion Just raise a fine point

The recent announcement by the Competition Commission that it would be investigating 82 car component manufacturers for collusion and price-fixing has sparked debate about South Africa’s motor industry and its operations.

Reviews and opinion Horror crash driver should have been rooted out

The public has rightfully asked many questions of the horrific truck crash in Alberton last week, most of them focusing on the driver.

Reviews and opinion The case for enforced insurance

Major insurers have called for balance of third party insurance to be made compulsory.

Reviews and opinion It’s a war zone out there

947 recently ran a competition called #ShowUsYour947 in a bid to create awareness for the name change of their radio station.

Reviews and opinion Bianchi may be to blame

Predictably, the violent crash and subsequent serious injuries suffered by Murussia Formula One driver Jules Bianchi during last Sunday’s Japanese Grand Prix elicited huge debate throughout the world.

Reviews and opinion To cancel or continue

The past weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix has created a plethora of discussion on the web following the crash in which Jules Bianchi sustained serious head injuries.

Reviews and opinion Be careful, we’re driving on oil slicks

The first spring rains arrived with a bang and hopefully the violence of the first hailstorm will have cleaned the surface of our roads to some extent.



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