According to Osborne, all drivers, no matter their age, should know their own limitations.
Tireless drivers navigating their way across treacherous terrain for weeks on end defying the odds of nature.
Relative affordability and fuel economy are driving the demand for mini sports utility vehicles.
The AA says the current data showed a drop of around 12 cents a litre for petrol, 36 cents for diesel, and 33 cents for illuminating paraffin.
The clutch problems may cause the vehicles to overheat. 
More than 300 000 people viewed Moozlie’s posts, which show her ‘drinking’, and ‘using her phone’ while driving.

Practice good tyre safety following the festive season

Worn out tyres pose a grave risk to road users as they affect a vehicle’s braking and steering.

Rolls-Royce breaks record for luxury car sales

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars sold a record-high number of its luxury vehicles last year, with purchases soaring worldwide, the German-owned company announced Thursday.

Do your bit to help save lives on the road

If everyone can tick all these boxes we might just help save lives.

Mzansi social media disapproves of Uber Bus launch

The launch in Egypt has received quite a reaction from South Africans on social media because of its similarity to our minibus taxis.

How to drive with badly maintained trucks

Follow these tips so that everyone can arrive at their destination safely.

Save fuel with Nissan’s 10 tips

Even if you have a car that’s truly fuel efficient such as the Micra, you can still save fuel and money in other ways.

Arrive alive this festive with these safety tips

Motor finance company boss’ tips to arrive alive this festive season.

Don’t rush into buying new car

Taking short cuts could result in a situation where a new car owner is unable to afford rising mobility costs.

Wearing your seatbelt all the time is important

The job of the seatbelt is to prevent you from being flung from the car.

NISMO launches programme to offer heritage car parts in Japan

South African customers can order GT-R parts through Nissan South Africa dealerships.

The risk of driving drunk

The festive season often has a tragic side as the number of road casualties increases.

The importance of high quality filters

The servicing and replacement of the filters is a must.

Fuel prices could drop drastically in December – AA

After months of sustained pressure on the fuel price, fuel users will receive a substantial breather at the end of November.

Toyota rules the roost in survey

Toyota achieved 13 gold awards from 16 categories.

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