Amazing, the wisdom one can pick up from unlikely sources. Friends of mine recently undertook a field trip in Angola.
The question of what makes a moniker great will undoubtedly involve a number of factors and answers. Whether it is reliability, quirkiness or performance, there will always be a connotation, good or bad, to a certain name that will be remembered for years to come.
With Toyota only making 600 units of the Hilux GR Sport available in South Africa, there is no point going into too much detail as all of those are probably already been sold.
Back in the 1980s when bumper stickers were a must, there was a popular one which read: When I grow up I want to be a Lamborghini. Corny but oh so quirky when it proudly sat on the back of a Beetle.
You can whine all day that Toyota South Africa put some stickers and trim on a Hilux and then sell them as limited or special edition models. But the bottom line is that it works.
I’ve heard people drooling over their dream car so badly that they’ll utter “if I’m winning R2 million in the Lotto tomorrow, I’m so buying this car”. Little problem.

Honda Jazz Sport hits a flat note

I wish to register a complaint. I have a problem with the manufacturers of flu medicine. Like politicians and rich pastors, they make a living by selling insincere promises. I know this to be a fact, via hugely painful and expensive personal experience.

Honda BR-V: One to consider if size counts

As interesting as the monthly Naamsa sales figures are, they often paint a disappointing and even worrying picture for many manufactures wanting a slice of the local market pie.

You can’t cage this Raptor

You might have seen them around Joburg. They are big, pimped out to the brim and have serious personality disorders.

No fuss Honda Civic a solid commuter

Honda Motor Southern Africa recently announced a series of improvements and upgrades to its Civic range. We spent some time in the tried and tested 1.8-litre naturally aspirated Elegance, middle-of-the-road, model derivative in the range.

More to the BMW i3s than just battery size

When the subject of electric cars comes up, it’s not a case of addressing the elephant in the room because this ellie is way bigger than the room and pretty much fills up the whole house.

End of an era for the General Motors Opel Astra

The Opel Astra, if you include the nameplate’s use by sister brand Vauxhall for the Kadett in the UK, has been around since 1979 and despite the obvious changes with each passing generation, one element that remained constant was that all were conceived under the ownership of General Motors (GM).

Honda HR-V: Perfect ride for soccer moms

Life, this writer has painfully found over the last six-and-a-half decades, comes with compromises. About 47 years ago, I thought my life would be perfect if I could just pass matric.

Audi Q8 is a ‘luxury lounge’ on wheels

It might have taken Audi quite a while, but it finally followed its fellow German manufacturers into the crossover coupe segment with the Q8.

Nissan hits six with Stealth

When South Africans were still excited about the Cricket World Cup some weeks ago, the pay channel’s television broadcast of the Proteas’ matches started off with former national captain Shaun Pollock advertising the new Nissan Navara Stealth.

JMC Landwind 5: Solid, if not a rocket ship

This writer does not often sample test vehicles’ safety gear, for good reason. My mandate is to drive test cars like their probable buyers would, and things like panic braking and sideways sliding do not fit.

Renault Sandero Stepway: Getting bang for your buck

Along with the Volkswagen Cross Polo, Renault Sandero Stepway helped establish a crossover-inspired hatchback niche that has become a favourite among South Africans in recent years.

Opel jazzes up old favourite

Back in the day, there was a joke about those distinctive purple three-door Opel Corsas. It went like this: Why are purple Corsas not allowed in the Kruger National Park? Because they make the tortoises … oh wait, this is a family newspaper, so let’s just say the answer rhymes with dandy.

Changan Star: Going right back to basics

I thought the electronic “jamming” of car locks by thieves was an urban legend – until it happened to me. When in Cape Town recently, I stopped a Toyota Corolla hire car next to a main road in Wynberg, locked it with the electronic key fob and rushed into a cafe to buy a cold drink.

Mini Cooper: Fun never goes out of fashion

This year marks the anniversaries of two things very dear to me. The one is the iconic Mini, which turns 60, and the other the original silver screen classic The Italian Job, who made the car famous to a large extent, which celebrates it’s golden anniversary.

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