This year marks the anniversaries of two things very dear to me. The one is the iconic Mini, which turns 60, and the other the original silver screen classic The Italian Job, who made the car famous to a large extent, which celebrates it’s golden anniversary.
After Volkswagen introduced their 2.0-litre TSI and 2.0-litre TDI Amarok a number of years ago, there can’t be a bakkie person in South Africa who hasn’t come across the “only thing that comes in two litres are milk and Coke” jokes.
Yip, it’s me again and we are talking SUVs again. I told you they are going to keep on coming and the Jaguar F-Pace SVR is a compact and seriously fast SUV. And not just fast in a straight-line, but unbelievably fast around corners too.
The compact SUV segment in South Africa has become a battleground of note. As basically the only segment that has shown growth over the last couple of years, the gloves are off among competitors.
The chairperson of AA South Africa says that while achieving the minimum safety standard is appreciated, it’s not good enough.
Volvo has become the benchmark in safety. Now add unbeatable design.

Road tests Volkswagen GTD lets you be a bit of a racer

XDS electronic diff lock up front and constantly adapting suspension do trick.

Road tests DRIVEN: Refreshed Kia Sportage is really rewarding

An extremely driveable vehicle at an extremely reasonable price.

Road tests ROAD TEST: Mercedes-Benz X Class speaks for itself

Lighter Amarok pips Merc in sprint tests to remain fastest double cab in SA.

Road tests So, let’s go make a memory with VW’s AllTrack 2.0TDi Caddy

Although it may have started life as a workhorse, it is a real pleasure to drive.

Road tests DRIVEN: X250d bakkie is pricey, but a Mercedes-Benz nonetheless

You’ll get premium product, but prepare to pay for it.

Road tests DRIVEN: New Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Models feature proven 2.0-litre petrol engine paired with CVT gearbox.

Road tests DRIVEN: New Subaru Forester is something real good

Safety is a big selling point for the brand’s latest offerings.

Road tests DRIVEN: Kia Sorento is savvy

It’s a great cruiser for large families, with everything that can click or bang.

Road tests DRIVEN: All-new Renault Koleos is back with va-va-voom

In Latin, Koleos means ‘testicle’ and this offering surely possesses a pair of those.

Road tests DRIVEN: Woman’s touch completes new Lexus UX

Chief designer Chika Kako’s signature sets this SUV apart from others.

Road tests ROAD TEST: Hot BMW X5 M50d takes it up a notch

Fuel efficiency very impressive for this level of performance.

Road tests The Vaal Toyota Cressida is king

Passion is a funny thing. It doesn’t let go of you. Ask Maps, who has a thing for this iconic ’80s ride.

Road tests DRIVEN: All-new BMW X5 30d xDrive

X5’s poor cousin’s physique is far more desirable than it’s performance.

Road tests ROAD TEST: Nothing stirs the soul like proper BMW racing snake

Mark Jones lets the new BMW M2 Competition and M5 Competition loose at Gerotek.

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