Roaring Lexus RC-F salutes the mighty V8
RC F really plays to the Lexus inconspicuous mantra from a styling perspective
New Audi A1 has upmarket appeal
Now, there is no easy way to put this topic on the table, but I must, it’s my job. It’s the ‘’P word’’.
New turbocharged Suzuki Swift Sport a true pocket rocket
Automatic it is quicker off the line compared to the manual.
Audi TT S flies flag for small sports cars
Switch it to Dynamic mode as part of the five mode Drive Select system, the TT S becomes an animal.
The crowd actually almost crawled over the adjacent car to get a glimpse of the Supra.
This is the third instalment of our time with our long-term Ford Ranger Wildtrak and this week it is all about the new powertrain and drivetrain technology under the skin.

Hyundai Tucson Sport is an oil-burner with attitude

On my way back from Gerotek after testing this week, I spent way too much time thinking of terrible reality TV shows in trying to come up with a clever way to explain new car launches to you.

Revived Opel Corsa GSI doesn’t merit the iconic tag

The question of what makes a moniker great will undoubtedly involve a number of factors and answers. Whether it is reliability, quirkiness or performance, there will always be a connotation, good or bad, to a certain name that will be remembered for years to come.

BMW X2 M35i: Driving pleasure at a premium

BMW’s initial foray into the then-growing luxury SUV segment with the X5 20 years ago was of course a watershed moment for the automaker and one which turned out to be a resounding success after wide-scale criticism.

Mercedes-AMG C63 S sets the standard

I am sure you will pull all your hair out, one hair at a time, and do it slowly and painfully, if you hear me mention an SUV again.

Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 embraces the future

Somehow, I don’t think Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher, the founders of AMG, would have believed a single word you had to say some 60 years ago, if you told them that their high-performance cars would benefit from electrically assisted power.

This Jaguar is the cat’s whiskers

Yip, it’s me again and we are talking SUVs again. I told you they are going to keep on coming and the Jaguar F-Pace SVR is a compact and seriously fast SUV. And not just fast in a straight-line, but unbelievably fast around corners too.

WATCH: Four-star progress but poor child protection in latest #SaferCarsforAfrica results

The chairperson of AA South Africa says that while achieving the minimum safety standard is appreciated, it’s not good enough.

DRIVEN: Volvo XC40 T3 manual is for the ladies

Volvo has become the benchmark in safety. Now add unbeatable design.

Volkswagen GTD lets you be a bit of a racer

XDS electronic diff lock up front and constantly adapting suspension do trick.

DRIVEN: Refreshed Kia Sportage is really rewarding

An extremely driveable vehicle at an extremely reasonable price.

ROAD TEST: Mercedes-Benz X Class speaks for itself

Lighter Amarok pips Merc in sprint tests to remain fastest double cab in SA.

So, let’s go make a memory with VW’s AllTrack 2.0TDi Caddy

Although it may have started life as a workhorse, it is a real pleasure to drive.

DRIVEN: X250d bakkie is pricey, but a Mercedes-Benz nonetheless

You’ll get premium product, but prepare to pay for it.

DRIVEN: New Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Models feature proven 2.0-litre petrol engine paired with CVT gearbox.

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