Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you should look like it.
You can now purchase a coffin online from South Africa’s online retailer.
There’s something to be said for getting pampered in a salon and this Citizen reporter is still safe, and very happy with his much-needed haircut.
Lifeline thrown to LGBTQI+ community
‘LGBTQI+ community, tend to be disproportionately affected by the wider implications of the current Covid-19 situation,’ says Booley.
‘Black Is King’ is set for release on 31 July and will be available on Disney+.
‘It will be a different experience and a new vigilance for the safety of our guests and staff,’ the CEO said.

Food and Drink Celebrate international Rosé Day today with some seriously good bubbly

Today just happens to be International Rosé Day. Check out this Rosé 101 for the perfect evening. Chill, pop, swirl and sip.

Celebs & viral What’s in the new Kendall by Kylie Cosmetics collection?

The new collection that will be available online on KylieCosmetics.com from June 26.

Baby WTF!? Woman tosses 8-month-old baby in pool and it goes viral

‘Throw my baby in like that and I’ll drown u,’ says an unhappy Twitter user.

Entertainment Is this the future of long-haul flights, and how safe is it?

Qatar Airways now have no layovers or crew changes for staff on its nine-hour flight from Doha to the Philippines.

Celebs & viral Could Basetsana and Romeo Kumalo be selling their R25m family home? 

The five-bedroom, R25-million mansion boasts a second dwelling, a chef’s kitchen and a soundproof cinema room among other amenities.

Fitness and Wellness For adults only: 5 tips to keep your head in the game (in the bedroom)

Finally, a deliciously in-your-face sex guide for Africans written by an African that’s for all genders and any sexual orientation. PG-18

Entertainment You can now vote for your new Miss SA finalist – but it’ll cost you

Public vote will determine semi-finalists and who moves to the next round.

Entertainment Twitter war brewing over Nigerian wedding guests moshing to heavy metal

‘I’m glad it’s sparked a discussion about Black people and the music society expects us to listen to.’ – Twitter user

Lifestyle SA Satanic Church has Twitter users all hot under the collar

Social media are 3 months late but the comments are hilarious!

Fashion & Beauty Expert advice on how to dye your hair at home if you’re still scared to visit a salon

Put the applicator down and read this first. We found expert advice on how to safely dye your hair at home.

Covid-19 Mixed feelings from restaurant and salon owners about opening again

“So many customers will not frequent a restaurant for fear the Covid-19 virus,” – Larry Hodes, the owner of Arbour Cafe

Your lifestyle New drunk driving law: One sip puts you over the limit and your insurance won’t pay out

There will no longer be any ‘grey’ areas when it comes to driving under the influence, with a new law which will make a single sip taboo, and allow insurers to refuse to pay for damages.

Lifestyle Could Zara be next on the retail chopping block?

Will online shopping be the only option in South Africa, too?

Your lifestyle 15 questions to determine if your relationship is Hall of Fame material or a strikeout

The questions focus on what matters for serious, long-term, committed, sustainable love.




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