The world may be going into lockdown due to fears over the coronavirus, but that doesn’t mean our carnal needs will do the same. So, how are people dealing with love in the age of Covid-19?
Who to prune from a guest list? Marriage during a pandemic, and what the venues are doing
Wedding venues have had varying responses on how they plan to deal with the regulations on gatherings, ranging from advising clients to reduce guest lists, and some being completely unaware of the new rules, and even police stations being uninformed about any new permit requirements – if that’s even needed.
How to tackle the money issue in your relationship
One-third of couples report that money is a huge source of conflict in their relationship, but while fighting about money may be common, the source of the tension can be varied, making it difficult to find ways to resolve the conflict.
Wanna be more successful? Try being more optimistic
Research suggests that optimists earn more money, have better relationships and even live longer. But don’t worry if you are naturally a glass half empty kind of person, because being an optimist can be learned.
New UK research has found that when looking for a partner, women do not find men with certain ‘exploitability cues’ attractive.
Being open and honest can strengthen your money management skills as well as your relationship.

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Coming up with the perfect gift for your partner on Valentine’s Day can be a daunting task.

An adult’s guide to social skills, for those who were never taught

Premium An adult’s guide to social skills, for those who were never taught

Whether it’s a meeting or a party, any time you get more than a couple of people together in a group, it can become difficult (if not impossible) to get a word in edgewise.

Five lessons on how to be a better writer

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Your lifestyle Why people go back to their ex

In this episode of Dating and Breakup Tips, relationship expert Rachel Russo talks about ‘Why people go back to their ex’.

How to be a better friend: Resolving conflict

Premium How to be a better friend: Resolving conflict

No eye-rolling, which is a sign of contempt.

Your lifestyle Does age difference in relationships matter?

Another factor at play may have to do with the stage of life each partner is experiencing.

Your lifestyle How mindsets about destiny affect our romantic relationships

Some people recount meeting their partner and knowing they were ‘the one’.

Your lifestyle Thinking about breaking up? You may as well flip a coin

Relationships with less commitment are more likely to break up, which may also explain why users were happy when the coin suggested ending the relationship.

Your lifestyle Why is it so tough for some to exorcise the ghosts of their romantic pasts?

By encouraging the belief that personality can change and develop over time, we may be able to help people exorcise the ghosts of their romantic pasts.

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Here’s everything you need to know about the most popular face masks on the market.

Your lifestyle New Year, New Me(n)

When it comes to seeing resolutions through to the end, the hardest part isn’t the beginning – it’s the middle.

Travel Ethiopians look for love during Orthodox epiphany celebration

The holiday is generally a sunny and joyous affair — and one that offers a choice meeting ground for young singles on the hunt for romance.




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