It’s known a man is much more desirable if his female partner (current or former) is highly attractive (than if she is less attractive).
The emphasis in relationships needs always to be on openness, caring and mutual consent.
‘Women who already had a proclivity for emotional eating did gain weight after a relationship breakup. But it wasn’t common.’
How to reconnect with your partner after having kids
Individual or couples therapy can also be a good place to start.
Labour law expert Robin Gerhold explains what you need to do.
The prevalent view that opposites attract and it’s all about an exchange is in line with decades of research in the mate choice literature.

It’s not just sex: why people have affairs, and how to deal with them

Research has found that, when the affair is revealed, both partners can experience mental health issues including anxiety, depression and thoughts of suicide.

Cheating is more society’s problem than an affair of the heart

Males and females react very differently when there is temptation around.

Too many South Africans are slaves to debt

The country has 25 million active credit consumers – and more than 10 million are behind on their payments.

Monogamy: cheating on what nature intended, or a simple choice?

Sociologist Eric Anderson recently penned a piece for the Huffington Post proposing that cheating can sometimes prove a balm to flailing relationships.

Is premature ejaculation really a medical condition?

If you experience a problem, there probably isn’t anything medically wrong with you.

How long does sex normally last?

Sex isn’t something people normally do while monitoring the bedside clock, and unassisted time estimation may be difficult during a transportative session of love-making.

The myth of romantic love may be ruining your health

We know that the quality of our social relationships and circumstances can have profound influences on our brain.

No! I don’t want to see your junk!

No! I don’t want to see your junk!

Is there some blue-tick thrill they get knowing that their member has been ogled by a shell-shocked broad?

Marriage could be good for your health

Both heterosexual and gay and lesbian individuals are better off in terms of health when they are married than when unmarried.

Want to know who your perfect partner would be? Look in the mirror!

Want to know who your perfect partner would be? Look in the mirror!

‘Opposites attract’ and ‘variety is the spice of life’? Not according to German researchers.

Yes, you do have a type – and it’s likely to be your ex, study suggests

Like it or not, your type might be closer to your own personality than you’d like to admit.

Five money lessons to master before 30

Five money lessons to master before 30

And continue to practise them until you retire.

The importance of unpacking your payslip

The importance of unpacking your payslip

Payslips are some of the most important documents that you’ll receive, so it is imperative to understand what the various deductions and items on it are.

What constitutes infidelity and how common is it?

Deceit and betrayal can threaten to destroy the very foundation of a relationship.




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