Jackal’s Dance has delicate aromas of green pepper, figs and gooseberries with tropical notes.
Bacon and creamy mushroom rarebit is a delicious comfort dish.
How often do you use edible flowers in your dishes?
What if eating chocolate helped prevent and treat type 2 diabetes? It’s crazy enough to laugh off.
Drink it, eat it and love it.

Get to know SA’s lesser known wines

The popular Unlock the Unusuals Wine Festival is back to showcase South Africa’s lesser known varietals in the only focused platform in Gauteng of these wines.

Why a few drops of water make whisky taste better

Ignore the snobs, because most experts agree: a few drops of water enhance the taste of whiskies, from well-rounded blends to peat bombs redolent of smoke, tobacco and leather.

WATCH: Afrikaans guy downs whole bottle of Jagermeister

This bloke appears to have taken it upon himself to upgrade a dare from a Castle Lite to a bottle of Jagermeister.

How to store an opened bottle of wine

You pulled the cork and had your glass of relaxation – but what do you do with the left over wine still in the bottle?

Try these foods to keep your calorie count down

These green vegetables are your first step towards weight loss.

At long last, now here is a longer neck for better beer

If you’ve been kneeling in front of the altar of craft beer, there’s a new gospel you need to consider before receiving the next loving embracing of your deity. Striped Horse has launched a giraffe bottle.

What a time for Pinot Noir

Hemel-enAarde Valley boutique winery Bouchard recently ranked as the top red wine producer in SA at the 2017 South African Wine Index awards.

Blackberries are beneficial for weight loss

Including blackberries in your diet can be an advantageous way to support your weight-loss efforts as this amazing fruit offers great health benefits!

Eat foods with a high water content to keep the weight down

Foods that have a high water content tend to fill up more space in your stomach

How to make hazelnut-studded white chocolate and cinnamon blondies

These blondies are comfortingly chewy, nutty and cinnamon-laced.

Why men need mushrooms

Mushrooms are virtually fat-free and low in calories and carbs.

Lock, stock and wine barrel

There’s nothing wrong with being single.

The wine route you really should know about

When you think ‘wine route’, Stellensbosch is probably one of the first places that comes to mind.

Coffee hacks you have to try

As winter sets in, we tend to turn to warm beverages to keep us toasty and alert – because… hibernation!




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