Unable to be in Japan for the Springboks’ assault on the World Cup? Here’s a few ideas for a rugby getaway right at home.
Apart from beer tasting, TBBC will also host quiz nights and book clubs.
Voodoo Lily takes pick-me-up to the next level.
The list ranges from small boutique wineries to ancient cellars, and goes beyond just wine.
A festival of food, drink and cooking takes place in September at Times Square.
‘To me (wine) stank and it didn’t taste nice and I didn’t want to drink anything at the parties with school friends.’

Woman pays R2500 so shop lobster can go free

The 100-year-old, 1,2m lobster had earlier been the centre of a heated debate as to his future.

Why MSG was demonised for decades

It was popular across the world until 1968 when a letter to the New England Journal of Medicine triggered its vilification.

Luscious lunches

When it comes to a packed lunch, not only do you need something that’s healthy and delicious, but you also need something that’s quick and easy to prepare.

Rooibos breaks into global chocolate market

Master chocolatier Daniel Waldis says he has been experimenting with rooibos for some time.

Kilian Palmer’s creamy keto mash – recipe

The UK award-nominated chef shares her recipe for a keto cauliflower mash she swears is as good as potato mash.

Remote SA restaurant savours top award

His eatery in remote South Africa has won renown as the world’s first Restaurant of the Year, but chef Kobus van der Merwe insists fame will change nothing.

Recipe: Smoked salmon and prawn terrine

Zesty lemon cuts through the rich cream cheese creating the perfect bed for the delicate prawn and salmon flavours to rest on.

Chef’s Table season 5 lands on Netflix

The show gives insight into the world’s chefs and their genius.

Lock, stock and wine barrel: The Mensa range

The Mensa range is doing something that will have cork enthusiasts performing cartwheels.

Recipe: Stuffed boiled eggs with Rooibos infused trout

These devilled eggs with a twist are the perfect canapé to serve when you have guests coming over.

The top 10 burger joints in America

Over at Brooks Gourmet Burgers & Dogs in Florida, the ‘Donut Burger’ topped with American cheese and bacon between two glazed doughnuts is the restaurant’s signature burger.

Haute Cabrière pop-up restaurants offer a winter feast for all

The six-course menu is expertly paired with wine, providing you with heartily decadent food.

Kleine Zalze wines go from cellar to stellar

While heaps of medals and accolades are gratifying, the team at Kleine Zalze says their focus remains on producing high-quality and affordable wines.

Recipe: Rump steak and cheesy enchiladas

Your family will love this classic Mexican meal that’s full of wonderful flavours and easy to make.




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