The country’s biggest provider of heart disease medication warns South Africans to cut back on salt, as it could have a destructive impact on their cardiovascular system.
If you’re one of those people who haven’t booked a long weekend away, here’s a list of things to do across the country this Heritage Day and over the weekend.
The finance minister wasn’t happy with the outcome of his pap and pilchards dish recently and we’re here to help him out.
This roast chicken recipe that is flavoured with butter, garlic, lemon, served with potatoes and vegetables.
A step by step of this milk tart recipe from the crust to the filling.
This sticky pork ribs marinade uses traditional South African flavours like chutney to hit the right spot.

food and drink Try this steak burger with a South African twist

This local twist on a steak burger recipe replaces the traditional bun with roosterkoekies.

food and drink Simple strawberry inspired brûlée recipe

A creme brûlée inspired dessert recipe is quick and easy too.

food and drink Double up with this beef and bacon super burger

You can double up with this beef and bacon burger recipe.

food and drink Yummy malva pudding recipe with extra surprise of apples

This twist of the South African favourite malva pudding recipe has the sauce but without the baking soda.

food and drink Try this creamy chicken stew on the stove top with some spice

This creamy chicken stew recipe on the stovetop is the perfect warmer for colder days, no need for a slow cooker.

Lifestyle Table Mountain Cableway welcoming back visitors soon

Thanks to the easing of the lockdown regulations, they will be ready to welcome visitors from 1 September.

food and drink A lemon meringue pie recipe to celebrate the day

This lemon meringue pie recipe ticks all the boxes, for the crust, the filling and mix.

Lifestyle Six ridiculously ornate hearses to die for

These rides will make your journey to the afterlife a heavenly experience.

On in the City Avon iThemba Walkathon goes digital and national

Supporters of the cause from all over South Africa will now be able to take part in the day’s festivities from a location of their choosing.

food and drink Juicing for health is still good as any health shot

Health shots for weight loss, for your skin, are a great way to start off your wellness journey.

food and drink Pancake cereal went from Tik Tok videos into our breakfast bowls

The pancake cereal trend is here to stay and it’s easy to make.

food and drink Sunday lunch: Quick easy crispy bacon noodles recipe

Veggie noodles recipe that has all the good carbs and some bacon.

food and drink A decadent breakfast apple pie toasties recipe

This is a satisfying twist on an apple pie recipe – for breakfast or as a snack.

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