While it is not as kitsch as perhaps a footballer’s wife’s nouveau riche bling with furry, screaming pinks, Nkandla will likely never make a cameo on Top Billing or feature in World’s Most Beautiful Homes.
Noah’s new home boasts 11 bedrooms, a wine cellar, a spa, a screening room, a rooftop terrace, an outdoor bar and an infinity pool.
Time to renew your garden : Programme for January mostly requires trimming back rampant growth after festive season. 
Festive flowers rich in folklore
Different colours: Amaryllis and Ponsettias
Pop-up colour for Christmas
Container: bright, sparkling flowers
Rose bush for a personal gift

Gardening Rose bush for a personal gift

Longlasting: What other present under R200 can give pleasure for 15 – 20 years?

Gardening Mystery plant boxes are just the kind of positivity 2020 needs

De la Rouviere herself is completely obsessed with plants, with over 400 plants covering her entire house and office. She calls it a ‘Indoor jungle’.

DIY & Decor #CountdownToChristmas: Decoration ideas for a South African Christmas

Christmas decoration ideas great for a South African summer, that won’t break your budget.

How to deal with garden pests

Gardening How to deal with garden pests

Vegetables: Pest and disease management is a must for a productive, edible garden.

Fashion & Beauty #CountdowntoChristmas: Bargain gifts under R200

Looking for an inexpensive gift this festive? We bring you the best gifts under R200.

Getting festive in the garden

Gardening Getting festive in the garden

Time to prep the summer garden.

DIY & Decor Tips and trends for a beautiful bathroom in 2021

By designing a soothing environment, we can create an oasis for us to retreat to, relax in and revitalise our souls after a long day.

Home 10 ways to make sure your holiday rental stand out

Create a guide with expert tips on your area – great coffee spots, bakeries and delis, must-try restaurants and wine bars, shopping hotspots and touristy must-sees.

Magical festive hydrangea

Gardening Magical festive hydrangea

They can start as indoor plants before being planted out

Pets WATCH: Nestlé wants to bug your pet

The food company says bug-based food is more environmentally friendly.

Your roses need food, too

Gardening Your roses need food, too

Fertilise: They’re hungry if leaves are light green and bushes don’t grow or flower. Sprinkle granules on top of mulch around the plant and water deeply so it goes to the roots.

Fashion & Beauty 6 shopping tips for Black Friday in 2020 

Before you click ‘checkout’ – have you read the terms and conditions of your purchase?

DIY & Decor PICS: Where Miss SA, Shudufhadzo Musida will be living

In what has been a whirlwind two weeks, Musida has moved into her new luxury apartment in Central Square, Sandton.

Fashion & Beauty 1cent deals, slashed prices and pre-signups for Black Friday this year

Here’s a look at what some of the retailers are planning for the spending frenzy of Black Friday.

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