How to prepare your garden for winter
Plant up a pot or hanging basket of winter-hardy herbs such as thyme, parsley and chives for the patio where it gets plenty of sun.
Inexpensive additions can transform a space, like making sure there is enough lighting where you need it.
Add character to a room with indoor trailing plants
A humid bathroom, kitchen or warm living room offers the perfect micro-climate for ferns.
Let me share some insight into why dogs love to do their ablutions out in the open.
Both employees and pet parents need to wear a properly fitted mask at all times.
Pampa is a crack team of Parisian florists who like to say it with colour.

Home Life Fat cat: How to get your feline friend moving

The amount of exercise needed may vary, depending on the breed and age of your cat.

Roses and vegetables are compatible companions

Home Life Roses and vegetables are compatible companions

Don’t plant larger vegetables too close to the rose because there needs to be space for water and fertiliser to reach the roots.

Covid-19 Cats can transmit Covid-19 to other cats but not humans, study confirms

There are, however, confirmed cases of cats becoming infected with the virus due to close contact with infected humans.

Business News Google’s 6 tips for better video calls while working from home

Now that Google Meet has become free for everyone to use, the company behind it has a few simple tips for people to get more out of the service.

Home Life Gardening improves emotional well-being and happiness, study finds

To reap maximum benefits, those with green fingers should try vegetable gardening rather than ornamental gardening.

Home Life How to get back into the swing of things when walking your dog

A well-exercised, tired dog is a good dog. I suppose the same applies to humans!

Now is a good time to play catch-up and get a colourful winter garden

Home Life Now is a good time to play catch-up and get a colourful winter garden

Pansies and violas are already in flower and provide instant colour, especially in warm, sunny beds.

Home Life Japan firm offers spouses apartments to avoid ‘coronavirus divorce’

The service also comes with the offer of a free 30-minute divorce consultation with a legal official.

Get outdoors and have fun with family gardening

Home Life Get outdoors and have fun with family gardening

Growing vegetables can be a way of encouraging kids to eat the green stuff.

Home Life Seven tips to help your dog lose weight

Overweight dogs need a high meat diet with limited calories to promote better fitness.

Dokter and Misses brand creates bold modernist design

Home Life Dokter and Misses brand creates bold modernist design

After 10 years, the demand for products hasn’t subsided because the items can be considered modernist yet timeless.

Covid-19 Covid-19: Wash your hands after stroking your pet, say experts

There is nothing to suggest so far that dogs can infect humans or other animals.

Home Life Confinement: How to minimise air pollution inside your home

The air inside our homes is typically five-times more polluted than the air outside.

Covid-19 Italian tips for beating lockdown boredom

Almost one household in three is now passing the time by making comfort foods as gnocchi with spinach and parcels of sausage and cabbage.




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