A recent incident where a girl sustained third-degree burns after accidentally sitting on a hot water bottle highlighted the need to raise awareness.
The hapless ex broke down when it became obvious he wasn’t going to take her back.
Parenting can prove to be a bit more strenuous than a nine-to-five job, but being a parent is a labour of love.
Constant evaluation will be conducted so families can see measurable behavioural improvement in their children.
The truth is that social media is a platform people can use to represent themselves in ways they desire.
See a vet as often as necessary to ensure they recover quickly.

Home Life Gardening fun for the whole family at the Autumn Garden Show

Weary showgoers can refresh with a botanical gin, lunch or tea from the deck overlooking the herb gardens.

Home Life 6 surprising uses for hairspray

Hairspray might seem like it serves just one purpose, but don’t underestimate its far-reaching powers.

Home Life Are you treating your nanny well?

As parents/employers, we should familiarise ourselves with laws that regulate the employment of nannies.

Home Life 4 dog-friendly parks in Joburg

If you and your furry friends enjoy working up a sweat on a walking or running trail, then Huddle Park is for you.

Home Life Why the law on maternity leave in SA is unfair

It is unrealistic for the law to expect mothers to take their full maternity leave without a salary.

Primary Schooler Why climbing a tree is better than watching a screen

Little children need building blocks, puzzles and crayons instead of electronic devices.

Home Life Go green with the proudly South African plant Spekboom

The drought-tolerant plant grows well in gardens or in a sunny indoor spot.

Living How to stress less and be more productive every day

Stress does not automatically mean you are being productive.

Home Life Ethnikids: An online book store for black children

The online book store focuses on representation and the growing need to increase literacy rates in SA.

Home Life It’s time to sow autumn and winter vegetables

Carrots, beetroot, onions, leeks, kohlrabi and turnips are all autumn veggies that are good for roasting, stews and soups.

Home Life Refurbish your bathroom on a budget

Freshening up your bathroom need not cost a fortune.

Home Life Praise your furry companions on Love Your Pet Day

February 20 is National Love Your Pet Day, a day dedicated to showing your furry or feathery companion that you appreciate them.

Home Life How to move house with your pet

Make sure to set up a safe space for your pet to sleep and relax in.

Home Life Why men’s bathrooms should have baby changing facilities

If the US can make a law that men’s bathrooms must have nappy-changing facilities, then SA can definitely follow suit.




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