The grocery list is also easy to navigate because its categorised.
“What’s the difference between Garmin and the Titanic? The Titanic did sync.”
Who knew that five minutes of hardware maintenance would prove so popular?
The comedian will be put his claim of being the best to the test as he gets a chance to prove his gamer skills.
To help you keep warm and keep the lights on during load shedding, check out these gadgets.
Fraudulent purchases from hacked Nintendo Accounts represented only a fraction of total sales.

Gaming and Tech Gaming becomes king of entertainment in pandemic lockdown

You are facing a pandemic lockdown with no seeming escape.

Gaming and Tech Facebook launches app for livestream gaming

Facebook on Monday launched a standalone gaming app, allowing users to create and watch livestreams of games in a challenge to the Amazon-owned Twitch platform.

Gaming and Tech Holiday gift guide 2019: PlayStation 4 games

It’s also worth considering whether a voucher for the online store might be better appreciated.

Gaming and Tech Top 10 hardest video games of 2019

The hardest games are the most rewarding.

Pokémon Sword and Shield: A new way to catch ’em all

Gaming and Tech Pokémon Sword and Shield: A new way to catch ’em all

In the latest game you get to explore the Galar Region in the first-ever Pokémon core RPG for Nintendo Switch.

Gaming and Tech Study dismisses evidence that video games incite violent behaviour

The study analysed the time spent by participants playing video games and their tendency to indulge in violent behaviour (for example, fighting with another person).

Gaming and Tech Sony buying studio behind hit ‘Spider-Man’ video game

Meanwhile, Microsoft has been testing its Project xCloud game-streaming technology.

Gaming and Tech ‘Boet fighter’is coming to ‘drib you in the t*ts’

After a year of trending online, the game will finally be available to the public in September.

Gaming and Tech Sixteen year old Fortnite champion crowned

Kyle Giersdorf became an instant dollar millionaire.

Gaming and Tech Video games may boost emotional intelligence in teens

Participants reported improvements in assessing and expressing their emotions immediately after having played a specially conceived video game.

Gaming and Tech ‘Rape Day’ video game banned by Film and Publication Board

The horrifying video game was banned after nationwide condemnation and a successful petition by 1000 Women Trust.

Gaming and Tech Petition to ban ‘Rape Day’ game to be delivered to communications department

The 1000 Women Trust will mobilise women and men to boycott companies and the sale of games that exploit women and their bodies.

Gaming and Tech Just Cause 4 review – Agent of chaos

If you’re not blowing something up as often as possible, you’re playing this game wrong.

Gaming and Tech The Council review – A tale of intrigue and murder

The game is like starring in a costume drama that doubles as political thriller.




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