The film has a potent message to impart, especially in the lead-up to the election in May.
The film is just more than three hours long, which certainly gives fans their money’s worth of entertainment.
The announcement took place at GoldenEye in Jamaica, once the home of Ian Fleming, where he created the James Bond character in 1952.
Some liberties are taken in Hollywood’s second attempt at Stephen King’s literary masterpiece.
There are subtle messages woven into the story about family, and the power of unconditional love and compassion.

‘Grease’ prequel titled ‘Summer Loving’ in the works

The first film helped establish John Travolta, while ‘Grease 2’ did the same for Michelle Pfeiffer.

Movie fans line up for ‘Shazam!’

Both the film’s reviews and audience responses have been strongly positive.

We’ll be back: Hamilton, Schwarzenegger tease new ‘Terminator’

Thirty-five years after time travel and a war against synthetic intelligence of the future threw them together, resistance leader Sarah Connor and cyborg assassin the Terminator enjoyed a nostalgic reunion Thursday in Las Vegas.

Galveston review – Luke-warm movie plods on

This crime drama is lacking in several areas and in the end we are left with a tepid production.

Die Seemeeu review – Chekhov’s classic is a superb film

The film is a compelling, well-crafted drama that will hold your attention throughout.

Love Lives Here review: A run-of-the-mill romcom

The film borrows too many hackneyed ideas to make it a totally original offering.

WATCH: The first official trailer for ‘Joker’

The movie has previously been framed as a unique entry to the DC Extended Universe film franchise.

WATCH: New ‘Avengers: Endgame’ trailer prepares for epic showdown

The movie is set to release on April 25 in South Africa.

Escape Room review – You’ll want to escape this movie

The reasoning behind these deadly shenanigans is never clearly defined.

Dumbo review – Tim Burton makes a classic soar again

The remake remains a beautiful ride and the computer-generated imagery is out of this world.

Be part of a special screening of ‘A Dog’s Way Home’

The funds raised cover operating costs such as sterilisation, kennelling, transport, and other veterinary expenses.

Us review – Social commentary that taps into some scary places

The film is an ambitious concept that not only serves as a social commentary, but also taps into some scary places.

WATCH: First trailer for ‘Dora the Explorer’ movie

The film is set to release on August 2, rolling out internationally over the following weeks and months.

The Kid Who Would Be King review – The great tale of Excalibur reimagined

The adventure film embraces different elements of the King Arthur legend.




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