Netflix has expanded its romcom offering with new films on the service.
Smart dance moves and perky music help the production along.
The story doesn’t hold water and is destined for the DVD bargain bin.
The film has already overtaken ‘Titanic’ as the second largest grossing film of all time and has ‘Avatar’ in its sights.
Three new as-yet untitled ‘Star Wars’ films will hit the big screen every other year just before Christmas starting in 2022
The narrative is a slow-burning look at an individual who feels guilty about his mother’s death.

Movies Little review – Tonic to lift the spirit

The script has fun with the premise of the film, and raises quite a few chuckles along the way

Movies The Curse of La Llorona review – Curse of a poor horror

The film is riddled with cheap scares, a mediocre horror villain and a somewhat tedious plot.

Movies WATCH: First trailer for ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ movie

Sonic made his debut in a 1991 video game and has since starred in over three dozen other franchise entries.

Movies #DontSpoilTheEndgame, warns Marvel

Thanos demands your silence.

Movies Someone Great review – Not your average girly chick flick

What sets this film apart from other awesome chick flicks is that it places women in front of and behind the camera lenses.

Movies An Act of Defiance review – Brilliant account of Bram Fischer

The film has a potent message to impart, especially in the lead-up to the election in May.

Movies Avengers Endgame review: Out-of-this-world superhero extravaganza

The film is just more than three hours long, which certainly gives fans their money’s worth of entertainment.

Movies Principal photography to begin on 25th Bond film, starring Rami Malek

The announcement took place at GoldenEye in Jamaica, once the home of Ian Fleming, where he created the James Bond character in 1952.

Movies Pet Sematary: Is the remake dead or alive?

Some liberties are taken in Hollywood’s second attempt at Stephen King’s literary masterpiece.

Movies A Dog’s Way Home review – Bella’s compass calls

There are subtle messages woven into the story about family, and the power of unconditional love and compassion.

Movies ‘Grease’ prequel titled ‘Summer Loving’ in the works

The first film helped establish John Travolta, while ‘Grease 2’ did the same for Michelle Pfeiffer.

Movies Movie fans line up for ‘Shazam!’

Both the film’s reviews and audience responses have been strongly positive.

Movies We’ll be back: Hamilton, Schwarzenegger tease new ‘Terminator’

Thirty-five years after time travel and a war against synthetic intelligence of the future threw them together, resistance leader Sarah Connor and cyborg assassin the Terminator enjoyed a nostalgic reunion Thursday in Las Vegas.




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