Both Harry and Meghan are dedicated to environmental causes and are looking to develop their charitable foundation as part of a ‘progressive new role’.
Right now, the only acceptable form of travel is the virtual, armchair kind.
If you’ve had your fill of comic book heroes on the big screen, this is a welcome big-budget spectacle.
The film looks at complex questions and injustices, offering no solid conclusions or happily ever-afters.
Nu Metro is encouraging social distancing by introducing at least one metre spacing between booked seats.
The film aims to put a feel-good touch on a bad situation and avoids dwelling on the war.

Movies ‘Moffie’ review – Disappointing look at the SA Border War

The film shows the worst side of the army without delving into the psychological facets involved.

Movies ‘Emma’ review – Superb adaptation of classic Jane Austen novel

This is a period piece, a stylish comedy of manners for discerning viewers and is well worth savouring.

Movies WATCH: Marvel’s longer-length Black Widow trailer

Fans will get to see Natasha deal with her history as a spy and the broken relationships left in her wake long before she became an Avenger.

Movies ‘Gretel & Hansel’ review: Deliciously wicked take on classic fairy tale

The film is one of the better horror offerings to sink your teeth into.

Movies ‘The Photograph’ review: An undeveloped project

The film suffers from some stilted dialogue and forced chemistry between the key figures.

Movies ‘Onward’ review – Riot of fun, colour and hilarity

The brothers encounter a myriad of bold, colourful characters who contribute to their experiences.

Movies ‘The Gentlemen’ review: A hilarious look at London’s crime world

The film moves away from the blockbuster action trope of unbelievability – like humans catching helicopters and not getting killed while crashing cars.

Entertainment No time to release a film: latest Bond delayed on virus fears

No Time to Die, the 25th instalment of the fictional British spy saga, sees Bond drawn out of retirement in Jamaica by his old friend and CIA agent Felix Leiter.

Movies ‘Zulu Wedding’ scoops two awards at film festival in Los Angeles

The film has further been nominated for the Saftas taking place later this month.

Movies WATCH: History-making ‘Queen Sono’ introduces a new era

The series premiere was held at the Joburg theatre.

Movies SA boxing film ‘Knuckle City’ is an explosive winner

This the first local film to my knowledge to deal with boxing. It is uniquely South African and it’s a winner.

Movies ‘The Invisible Man’ review: A chilling mind-bender

A series of eerie coincidences begin to turn lethal as the story unfolds.

Movies ‘The Informer’ review – This one is for adrenaline junkies

As action films go, this one rises above the level of most – even though some of the ideas and action sequences are derivative.

Movies ‘The Snail and the Whale’: Kids will love this story of an unlikely friendship

The story remains as environmentally important today as it did when the book was published 17 years ago.




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