The Queen Show is a family friendly production that will thrill you with a kind of magic.
Andre combines his skills in comedy and hypnosis to create a two-hour show of side-splitting entertainment suitable for all ages.
It is believed that the artist will be remembered as one of the pioneers of modernist painting in South Africa.
The AVA Gallery is located at 35 Church Street in the Cape Town city centre and the exhibition will run until 16 January.
Tasha has starred in productions such as ‘Empire’, ‘Why Did I Get Married’ and ‘Couples Retreat’ while Sidra has worked as a producer on projects such as ‘A Luv Tale’ and ‘Daredevil’.
This production dazzles with incredible costumes and impressive aerobatics.

Artist sheds light on environmental concerns through exhibition

Some of the larger works have taken the artist eight months or more per piece to complete.

Didintle Khunou makes history as first black Janet in ‘Rocky Horror Show’

As many of the die-hard fans know, the role of Janet has always been played by Caucasian actresses … until now.

Four performances added for ‘Marvel Universe Live’

In a first for South Africa, 25 fan-favourite Marvel characters, will take the audience on an incredible sensory overload of nonstop superhero action.

Four books to put under the Christmas tree for the little art lover in your life

Picasso famously once said: ‘All children are artists. The problem is how to stay an artist when the child grows up.’

Painting by French ‘master of black’ sells for R154.8m

The painting sold by the Tajan auction house had been estimated to go for up to six million.

From 10 cents to $1.3 million, first Marvel comic sets auction record

The first copy of ‘Marvel Comics’ was sold in very good condition and well above the price of 10 cents it fetched back in 1939.

A Christmas Carol: Yuletide favourite is back for third time

The classic holiday favourite comes to life, featuring animation and original music that made the show a sell-out.

Original ‘Tintin’ page fetches R6.4m at Paris sale

More than 200 million Tintin books have now been sold worldwide, translated into more than 70 languages.

Robert Hodgins’ sketches surface from beyond the veil

The exhibition provides a rare glimpse into the usually private and forbidden domain of the artist’s studio.

Photography exhibition provides riveting look into SA

In the fluorescent lights of a shopping centre, this sort of exhibition brings humanity back to a space driven by capitalist ideology.

Cape Town photographer’s exhibition on whiteness smeared with faeces

‘I don’t feel that is necessarily vandalism. I see it as an expression of engagement,’ Sydelle Willow Smith said.

5 artists shaking up SA’s creative industry

The young artists receive a cash incentive as well as a commission to premiere a new work or exhibit at the 46th National Arts Festival.

‘Benny Bushwhacker: Human Nature’ heads to Pretoria for one night only

The comedian will be touring theatres and festivals with a hilarious yet sobering look at the collision between man and environment.

Picasso’s rarely-seen still life to fetch up to over R100m at Sotheby’s

In place of the artist is a bearded neo-classical bust, while the model is substituted by a bas-relief sculpture of Picasso’s new mistress and principal muse, Marie-Thérèse Walter.




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