The end of an era: Boeing 747’s final farewell
Even before coronavirus almost destroyed the global airline business, the days of mega-planes were numbered.
Post-coronavirus cruises are not ready to sail
Data shows that there were far more cases of Covid-19 on cruise ships than have been reported, but the companies and the CDC have yet to establish how the boats can come back.
The number of Primedia jobs to be impacted will be confirmed through a consultation process.
How the coronavirus pandemic ravaged medical tourism
As costs mount in the coronavirus crisis, hospitals are shifting their plans to develop hotels for patients seeking specialised treatments, despite an uncertain outlook.
Now that you have had enough time to plan, it’s time to take that trip of a lifetime, especially since the freedom to do so can disappear in the blink of an eye.
The most important word in the hospitality industry? ‘Clean’
The world’s largest hotel companies have all come forward in recent weeks to announce new cleaning playbooks.

News How to stay safe if you need to travel by plane

The biggest concern is how to keep from becoming infected. If you must fly, here are some things to consider.

News Disneyland Paris plans phased reopening from 15 July

The resort is allowing people to cancel or modify their hotel reservations without cost up to seven days before arrival.

News Dubai to welcome tourists from 7 July

The city also announced that citizens and residents would be allowed to travel abroad from Tuesday.

What will it take to reopen the world to travel?

News What will it take to reopen the world to travel?

Countries are rebuilding relationships under enormous economic pressure, while keeping a wary eye on a virus that’s not going away soon.

News Eiffel Tower to reopen to public on 25 June

The monument, completed in 1889, receives about seven million visitors every year.

News Local flights go on sale again, but they’re not cheap

Passengers are advised to arrive early to allow time for Covid-19 screening measures to take place.

News Greece to open airports for tourists from 29 countries from 15 June

The country began the gradual easing of lockdown restrictions on 4 May, and will start reopening its hotels next month.

Entertainment Disney and other Florida theme parks to reopen in June, July

Maintaining social distancing and wearing masks, tourists visiting Florida will be able to take photos with Mickey Mouse again when Disney World reopens on July 11, a month after SeaWorld and Universal Studios are set to do the same, officials said Friday.

News Canada bans cruise ship visits until October

The Canadian government on Friday extended by three months a ban on cruise ships entering Canadian waters because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The future of travel after Covid-19: Part 2

News The future of travel after Covid-19: Part 2

Social distancing may naturally ease overtourism, and the global shutdown is poised to drop carbon emissions by 8% in 2020.

News Greece to restart tourism mid-June, international flights 1 July

The country badly needs tourism income that directly and indirectly accounts for over a fifth of its economy.

Covid-19 How Mauritius overcame Covid-19

The country believes that the experience of local health services for diseases such as malaria has greatly helped in monitoring contact tracing of people found to be positive.

News Seychelles bans cruise ships until end of 2021

The initiative will not be without consequences for the archipelago, often favoured by newlyweds on their honeymoons.

The future of travel after Covid-19: Part 1

News The future of travel after Covid-19: Part 1

Health screening, space-per-passenger ratios and a redesign of passenger flow are likely to change.




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