Retired judge to be appointed to protect right to privacy.
In South Africa alcohol is considered ‘non-essential’ – but other countries take a different view.
They are an essential service but they are not carrying on as normal.
SA lockdown restrictions are among the most extreme globally. South Africans may not leave their homes except to procure essential goods and services. This excludes the purchase of cigarettes and alcohol. It also excludes outdoor exercise.
The EFF say they will do anything for their members.
Trolleys used as mobile barriers to enforce social distancing in queues.

Covid-19 ‘Uncooperative’ German tourists sent into quarantine

Visitors became angry after they were prevented from boarding their plane home.

Covid-19 DA slates government for race requirement in SMME help strategy

This follows a spat over a leaked document from the Department of Small Business Development that proposed that only businesses with more than 51% black ownership would receive help.

Post Office to stay open, but only to process SASSA grants

News Greece fights for its beaches and gets tough on plastic pollution

The minister said the EU Commission directive to ban single-use plastics by July 2021 would be quickly incorporated into Greek law.

Local You can now use your contactless bank card to tag in and out at Gautrain stations

To ensure the security and privacy of your bank card, Gautrain stresses that they do not store bank card numbers.

News Thai island hosts cheek-piercing veg festival

The celebration dates back to 1825, according to local folklore, when a visiting Chinese opera troupe fell ill.

News Uber starts helicopter service in New York

Ubercopter will be available to all riders in the city from next week.

News Ailing French airline XL halts flights as bankruptcy looms

A new hearing on the airline’s future is set for Wednesday.

News SAA pilots could go on strike for first time in 80 years

Nine out of 10 of them are not impressed with how the national airline is being managed.

News South Africa receives more than 30 nominations at World Travel Awards

The country’s tourism board is also among the best in the world.

News VIDEO: South African holidaymaker dies in Bali boat accident

The boat’s 35-year-old captain survived with serious injuries.

News Air India to stop using single-use plastic on flights

India generates around 5.6 million tonnes of plastic waste annually, according to government figures.

News Denmark to retire its last four circus elephants

The animals will be sent to a zoo to live out their last days, though it is not yet clear which one.




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