After it took them eight years to pick the second location for The Whippet in Melville, Covid-19 has had an unfortunate impact.
We’ve scoured the best places in Joburg for a safe dining experience where you can enjoy yummy food, a thirst-quenching drink and a good vibe.
The music producer ventured into the food industry last year.
Enjoy delicious Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine at the joint’s new location.
The bar will operate under strict hygiene and safety regulations, with social distancing and curfew regulations in place.
The charming Italian restaurant was a sought-after wedding venue and renowned for its Sunday buffets.

Business People are still too afraid to venture out to salons, restaurants

‘Marketing gets harder as you have to spend more time and recourses convincing people of your safety procedures.’

Lifestyle SA restaurant among best in the world

Even amid uncertainty for the industry, a local eatery is still one of the best in the world and the only in Africa.

Food and Drink Maps Maponyane opens up about ‘devastating’ effects of Covid-19 on Buns Out

The media personality said he is hopeful that his business will be able to survive the pandemic.

Food and Drink Watch: Would you pay R84,000 for this cocktail?

Even without SA’s latest booze ban, we’d have to really think hard about this one.

Lifestyle Bottles app creators respond to new alcohol ban

Not everyone is happy about the newly reinstated ban on booze.

Food and Drink Craft beer industry faces uncertain future

Many breweries have experienced record losses and 63% have retrenched staff in the last two months.

Food and Drink How can restaurants possibly still survive?

Restaurants and restaurant owners re-invent themselves as they try to stay afloat.

Food and Drink Will you be able to enjoy your next meal at a restaurant with these guidelines?

Disinfectant company Biodx says governments and the public need to trust restaurant professionals to run their businesses.

Food and Drink Sit-down meals will never be the same – Tashas is back

Many foodies and people who love to dine will be very pleased with the news. 

Food and Drink Trendy Melville breakfast joint Pablo Eggs Go Bar is no more

The restaurant became a well-known spot for Joburg’s trendiest fashionistas or families just looking for a good breakfast.

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